CNN Documentary about Armenia

One of the oldest nations in the word. Survived all the barbaric nations and still kicking!...

22/12/2014, 11:33

The Medical Industry in Armenia: Fact vs. Fiction

ImYerevan has an interview with the founder and CEO of, a Yerevan-based startup providing international travelers access to affordable medical treatment, who explains why Armenia might be a hotspot for health.

15/12/2014, 16:13

Volunteers Will Save the World took a few minutes to sit down and talk with these volunteers and ask them about their volunteer experiences.

12/12/2014, 12:13

The Workrooms of History

We present photographs of the workrooms of famous, innovative people. These interiors are preserved to this day and maintain the spirit of the talented individuals that once inhabited them.

08/12/2014, 13:15

Paris to Yerevan? A Luxurious Alternative to Long Layovers

ImYerevan was invited to a press conference in Paris to get a sneak peak into some of Air France's upcoming offerings and it appears that those traveling to Yerevan from the West have a lot to look forward to in the near future!

05/12/2014, 00:50

Interview with Vahan Chakarian, ArmTab Techologies recently held this interview with ArmTab founder and entrepreneur, Vahan Chakarian, to learn the story of the first Android tablets that will be assembled in Armenia.

03/12/2014, 17:35

The Soviet Style Erebuni-Yerevan Festival

Erebuni -Yerevan 's Lenin Square Lenin cult has become a unique shots.

26/11/2014, 20:15

Massage Studio in Yerevan Gives Blind New Social Visibility

A studio has opened up in Yerevan called Seeing Hands, which builds off of the tradition of creating specialized jobs for the blind, but while still integrating and empowering them to be active members of the Yerevan's community.

25/11/2014, 15:23

The History of Yerevan Magazine

Answering the question of how a magazine united a community through a tradition of trilingualism. What is it's past, and more importantly, what is its future?

22/11/2014, 12:56

The Future of Fitness in Armenia: Workout Gurus Educate Youth

The young men who are organizing and leading the movement Street Workout Armenia recently made a visit to Vardashen’s Special School Number 1. These workout gurus led a few classes in the school’s gym, demonstrating the benefits of a practicing a healthy lifestyle and a daily fitness routine.

17/11/2014, 13:12