The Masculine Role

High-profile banks tried to entice her with opportunities for professional advancement. But a Vice-President of the Glendale Branch of Bank of America, Caroline Mirzoyan, believes that she owes too great a debt to her bank to even consider leaving and doesn’t view these offers as ones she “cannot refuse”.

The Pan-Armenian Chronicles

Yerevan welcomed Armenian athletes from all over the world. The recent Pan-Armenian Games were distinguished by the great number of participants – almost two thousand athletes, representing 96 cities in more than 20 countries, competing in 10 sports.

Joe The Turk

The name Joseph Karapetian doesn’t mean much to most of us. But as soon as one mentions Joe the Turk to anyone with a connection to the Salvation Army, there is an immediate recognition of a brave and unique “savior”, a recollection of the man who became a legend in the U.S.

The Enemy of Time

I had to return to the hotel from Cairo International Airport. A night in Cairo glimpsed through the window: the Nile with its five star-liners and small motor-boats, palms illuminated by street lights, mosques, a half-moon hanging high above the Nile, silver horns up. And finding myself without a ticket at the airport!

He Came, He Saw, He Scored

Yura Movsisyan’s sensational path to soccer stardom includes a Major League Soccer Championship, a move overseas to play in the Danish Superliga and high-progiled transfers within the Russian Premier League.

16/07/2013, 13:59

The Last Record

If Shavarsh Karapetian lived in Ancient Greece, he and his lifesaving deeds would have become a part of Greek mythology on the same scale as those of Hercules. His heroic acts saved the lives of countless, and it all happened in times of peace.

Inside Height

Is there a starting point for the memory? Perhaps once there was, but now it has been lost in the fathomless eyes of the old people of Mets Tagher — busy with playing cards in the main square.

16/07/2013, 12:55

Cloven-hoofed course

If you have ever participated in a khash ceremony at least once, you will never pass indifferently by the “epilated” cow feet or legs sticking out from a bucket; moreover, you will linger over radish, garlic and basilica sold at greengrocers’ – а mandatory supplement for a skillful khash festive.

16/07/2013, 12:40


He comes out of the mountain, rather immerses in the mountain, deep inside of it. Into its womb. He is the Mountain. His first name is Ayrivank: monastery in a cave.

23/03/2013, 15:54

The One and Only

This is one of those rare cases when the word “exclusive” may be used in several occasions: to define a personality, a man and his actions. Yerevan Magazine is honored to introduce to its readers the exceptional nature of one man to whom even the sky is not the limit – literally.

23/03/2013, 15:28