Celebrating Our Soldiers: ImYerevan's Army Day Video

Whatever your political beliefs, we can perhaps all agree that the young people and faces who make up our military are worth celebrating.

27/01/2014, 19:55

East of Byzantium

The ultimate sense of accomplishment comes to people who are able to use their expertise to bring their visions to life. Roger Koupelian, a celebrated matte artist concept painter, uses his vast experience in Hollywood to fulfill the passion he has carried since childhood.

12/08/2013, 14:43

The King of Caviar

Petrossian Company - the largest distributor of the Russian sturgeon caviar in France and in the U.S. – controls more than 15% of the global market. The general manager, Armen Petrossian, a Frenchman of an Armenian descent fondly known as “the King of Caviar,” talks with us about the specifics of his business.

12/08/2013, 12:49

Mark Geragos: Rewriting Saroyan

For most people in the US with a television set who watch news programs, Mark Geragos needs no introduction. He has recently directed his efforts on behalf of Armenians by trying to establish ties between the Californian and Armenian governments.

07/08/2013, 18:13

Made in China

The words, “made in China,” are encountered every day by nearly everyone who buys manufactured products on Earth. It is difficult to find a toy or shoe or machine that is not, at least partially, “made in China.” And now the Olympic Medals…

07/08/2013, 14:47

Cross roads

Two women from different worlds told us their stories of courage and dedication. Baroness Cox is a representative of the British noble class. She is a former Speaker of the House of Lords. Dr. Ani Kalayjian is from an Armenian family of Genocide survivors.

05/08/2013, 16:30

Trying to Keep Up With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian came upon the gossip circuit as a member of a famous and well-connected family. She soon distanced herself from that image and began to reinvent herself. The 27 year old Armenian-American first came onto the Hollywood radar as a close friend of the socialite Paris Hilton, but very quickly learned to play her own fame game.

05/08/2013, 14:22

Beauty and the Flower

This story has it all – a rich merchant, his beautiful and well-educated daughter and, naturally, an exotic flower. The setting is the tropical island of the Lion, located between Asia and Oceania, and the main characters are Armenian immigrants.

The Architect of the Twelfth Capital

The physical history of Yerevan in the 20th century was written with a bold signature in a swift line and with a new vocabulary, without mistakes or scribbles. First on paper, and then in stone. The author of this new visual narrative was the architect Alexander Tamanyan.

The king of kings

The reign of Tigran II was a period of a forceful outward expansion in the history of Armenia. The great Armenian king, a clever politician and strategist, transformed his country into a power-ful state which even threatened the mighty Rome.

01/08/2013, 14:53