Eternal Alphabet: AYB - Ա (այբ)

Letter Ա, being the symbol of the beginning, was correlated with the first day of creation of the world, the day when the God created the light and separated it from the darkness.

22/12/2015, 12:21

Santas Wanted!

ONEArmenia is launching "Santas Wanted!" - a platform that will enable people around the world to gift Christmas presents to children in villages in Armenia.

27/11/2015, 13:54

What and Where in Yerevan: Whisper of Yerevan

Whisper of Yerevan followed citizens of Yerevan at random placed. Yerevan is not only about sightseeing and buildings, it’s about people who live here with their episodic conversations caught in the air.

The 10 most innovative schools in the world

Innovation in education can look like lots of things, like incorporating new technology or teaching methods, going on field trips, rejecting social norms, partnering with the local community.

07/10/2015, 00:45

Reflective Landscapes: Yerevan Battlegrounds, City Parks

Parks were a major source of pride in Yerevan. But what used to be Oval Park, a green belt that runs around the small city center, is covered now with a parade of café’s.

05/10/2015, 01:30

1A's HIKEArmenia Campaign Connects the Dots in Armenia's Hiking Industry

In the Spring of 2015, ONEArmenia (1A), a non-profit organization focused on stimulating positive social and economic change in Armenia, created a guide that helped thousands of people--both tourists and locals--get Inside Yerevan. Now, as their upcoming/current campaign reveals, the organization demonstrates that it’s ready to get outside.

30/09/2015, 17:11

World Pull-up Day in Armenia

The World Pull-up Day was celebrated in Yerevan on Liberty square. Everyone was able to contribute to the pull-ups score of Armenia.

16/09/2015, 15:13

What and Where in Yerevan: Bird-Eye View

There are lots of sky bars in Yerevan, but a rooftop without any luxury might be much more attractive. A discovering-Yerevan series created under the cooperation with Wandelion.

What and Where in Yerevan: Ornamental Art

Being one of the oldest cities, Yerevan has much to offer in terms of typical ornamental art. It stands out with its uniqueness and symbolism. Let’s have a virtual tour and wander the streets of Yerevan to discover the buildings decorated with floral, geometric or animal ornaments that have become an essential part of the city’s look.

05/08/2015, 16:08

An Interview with COAF's Garo Armen About 'Smart' Center in Lori

COAF's founder, Garo Armen describes to ImYerevan his motivations and expectations for this major structural expansion to Lori.

26/07/2015, 12:28