The Pit

We are heading to the monastery Khor Virap to descend into the same pit used for those condemned to death, in which the first Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Gregory the Illuminator, spent thirteen years.

01/08/2013, 14:22

Woman of the Year

Alice Petrossian - mother, grandmother, wife, educator, community activist, philanthropist, Assistant Superintendent. The list of her accomplishments and accolades could easily go on for pages. It might be easier to simply agree with the California State Legislature and call her, "Woman of the Year".

The Ultimate Fights of Modern Day Gladiators

Three Armenian athletes competed in the one of the most watched televised sporting events of the year the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Mixed Martial Arts discipline. Their hope - to write a new page in the relatively short history of UFC - an Armenian page.

29/07/2013, 18:12

On Top of the World

Once Karo Ovasapian took the Armenian flag in the Consulate General of the Armenian Republic in Los Angeles and promised to set it on the tallest peaks of each of the seven continents, as well as on the North and South Poles.

Journey is the destination

Vahe Berberian - an artist, playwright, actor, and a man with a heap of creative ideas, the realization of which takes his whole existence, becomes a cultural icon of classic proportions, an Armenian Don Quixote - combination of nobility and desire to defend his beliefs.

Roads of the Diaspora: Côte D'Azur

Every seashore is unique. There are the shores we'd like to forget, such as the Turkish Shore. There are foreign shores, such as the Ivory Coast in West Africa or Bondi Beach in Australia. Finally, there is the Côte D'Azur: the most gorgeous and the most familiar of all European shores.

29/07/2013, 12:56

The Crime and the Acquittal

On June 2 and 3, 1921, the court of jurors of Berlin’s regional court – heard testimony in the murder case of Talaat Pasha, Turkey’s former Minister of Internal Affairs and one of the organizers of the Armenian Genocide; an act committed by Tehlirian. The court’s verdict of acquittal demonstrated the victory of human spirit over the letter of law.

26/07/2013, 17:43

The Great Secret of Ayrudzi

The history of the mankind is predominantly the history of wars. We have a profound understanding of Greek and Roman military arts, but the history of the Armenian armed forces of the remote past remains untold.

26/07/2013, 17:24

The Mystery of the Treasure Mountain

In Artsakh, on the top of Mount Gandzasar, which means “Treasure Mountain,” stands one of the most beautiful and mysterious temples in the world. According to the accounts of the XIII century historian Movses Kalankatvatsy, the head of Saint John the Baptist is buried at this site.

26/07/2013, 16:51

Body moves

Mihran Kirakosian is more than another successful “backup” dancer - he has his own individual style of dance. His resume includes collaborations with many popular singers, such as Pink, Lil’ Kim, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and others. He has been featured in music videos for Madonna’s “Hung Up” and “Sorry”.