12 December 2014, 12:13
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Volunteers Will Save the World

Thanks to a 1985 decision made by the UN, December 5th is officially considered to be International Volunteer Day. Every year in the first week of December, people all around the world set aside their daily troubles and devote some time to helping those in need.

At ImYerevan, we couldn’t let Volunteer Day pass us by either. World Vision Armenia and Yerevan Productions decided to gather numerous volunteers throughout Armenia and bring them together to celebrate their wonderful work. The most active volunteers in the country are aged between 18 and 20; these youngsters find value and pleasure in helping those in need. ImYerevan.com took a few minutes to sit down and talk with these volunteers and ask them about their volunteer experiences.

Rima Kharatyan, 19 years old
I began volunteering during my grade school years. Every time I’ve volunteered I have completed my work consciously and with a genuine wish to help people. I’ve even traveled to Prague and Paris with volunteer programs. I especially enjoy working with children, because they are so vulnerable and unprotected. Volunteering makes young people aware. From several years of volunteering I have gained skills that will surely help me throughout the rest of my life.


Anna Avagyan, 20 years old
I’m a linguist, and I share my English skills with anyone who needs them. Providing additional education for people has become a part of my life. At the same time, I translate articles about the Armenian Genocide into foreign languages. With the coming centennial of the genocide, we will once again remember that tragic crime and demand a fair trial for our people.


Hayk Mkrtchyan, 19 years old
I have been volunteering for four years. My work began with a seemingly random decision, but now I understand that that decision was one of the most important in my life. It’s not true that volunteers don’t get paid, they do. The payment I receive is people’s love and warmth. I have made so many good friends along the way.


Khachik Abajyan, 16 years old
I’ve been volunteering for two and a half years. I participate in all of World Vision Armenia’s projects and volunteer programs. Volunteering has become a purpose in life for me, and a goal. I will always volunteer and will do my work with love.


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