08 December 2014, 13:15
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The Workrooms of History

The workroom—in this age of smartphones and tablets such a phenomenon is no longer relevant. With just one electronic device in your hand, you can work anywhere—a cafe, a park, or in the car. Yet creative people still seem to crave a sacred space that they can call their own. A space that is made unique by slight details like lighting, color palette, and choice of furniture. Today we present photographs of the workrooms of famous, innovative people. These interiors are preserved to this day and maintain the spirit of the talented individuals that once inhabited them.

Karl Lagerfeld


Hovhannes Tumanyan (writer)

Martiros Saryan (painter)

Pablo Picasso (painter)

Marc Chagall (Painter)

Francis Bacon (painter)

Paul Cezanne (painter)

Juan Miro (painter)

Jackson Pollock (painter)

Mark Rothko (painter)

Yves Saint Laurent (designer)

Mark Twain (writer)

Leo Tolstoy (writer)

John Lennon & Yoko Ono (musician, artist)

Stephen King (writer)

Charlotte Bronte (writer)

Alexander Calder (sculptor)

George Bernard Shaw (playwright)

Ernest Hemingway (writer)

Virginia Woolf (writer)

Rudyard Kipling (writer)

Jane Austen (writer)

William Barclay (writer, radio presenter)

Charles Darwin (scientist)

Steve Jobs (entrepreneur)

Martin Luther King Jr. (human rights activist)

Albert Einstein (scientist)


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