Armenia’s Beer Industry: Ready for Take Off?

ImYerevan attended an “Armenian beer festival” at the Congress Hotel in Yerevan event sponsored by Austrian Airlines and here are our reflections on the event and what it said to us about the current state of aff-‘airs’ in the beer industry in Armenia.

14/11/2014, 12:36

Yerevan’s Hidden Beauty

How attentive are we as we walk the streets of the capital? Do we notice the handful of beauties hidden away in its cozy corners? Are we aware that one can find a work of art at every step in Yerevan?

14/11/2014, 10:59

Crowdfunding for the Environment

In this article, Oscar Alvarado describes for ImYerevan the gravity of the situation and ONEArmenia's current campaign to help relieve some of the pressure.

11/11/2014, 15:58

This Guy Posted on Facebook About His Move to Armenia and the Responses he Received Will Amaze You

The "Armenian Repatriates Network" has become a very special place on the Internet, not just because it’s full of Armenians from other countries who have made the bold move to repatriate to this developing country, but because of the incredible enthusiasm and responsiveness of the group’s members.

05/11/2014, 16:50

Looking Back: Artifacts of Yerevan

To get a better sense of what Armenians around the world hold on to, we searched the word “Yerevan” on eBay, and this is what we found.

31/10/2014, 18:36

Guerrilla Gardeners in Yerevan Plant Seeds of Activism

On October 25th, a workshop called “Guerrilla Gardening” took place in Yerevan and planted the seeds for a new environment-conscious effort in the city’s urban landscape.

28/10/2014, 15:45

A New Café in Yerevan Fuses Existentialism and Fun

"Man is condemned to be free"—Inspired by these words of Jean-Paul Sartre, Narek Bakhtamyan, one of the founders of Jean-Paul Existential Cafe, creates an environment that is entirely focused on the individual.

24/10/2014, 11:08

Dilijan School Puts Armenia's on the Map as an Educational Center

United World Colleges is an international educational movement around the world. There are 14 such institutions training students from more than 140 countries and on October 4, 2014, Armenia officially became one of them.

23/10/2014, 17:25

30 Incredible Bird’s Eye Views

In order to familiarize oneself with the world, it is sometimes necessary to climb up onto roofs and forget all about earthly sensation.

21/10/2014, 18:57

The Story of a Magazine With An 'Accent'

ImYerevan revisits an interview with Yerevan Magazine founder Gor Nakhapetyan, explaining the origins and future of the magazine.

21/10/2014, 12:06