30 Incredible Bird’s Eye Views

In order to familiarize oneself with the world, it is sometimes necessary to climb up onto roofs and forget all about earthly sensation.

21/10/2014, 18:57

Beauty and the Flower

This story has it all – a rich merchant, his beautiful and well-educated daughter and, naturally, an exotic flower. The setting is the tropical island of the Lion, located between Asia and Oceania, and the main characters are Armenian immigrants.

The Pit

We are heading to the monastery Khor Virap to descend into the same pit used for those condemned to death, in which the first Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Gregory the Illuminator, spent thirteen years.

01/08/2013, 14:22

Roads of the Diaspora: Côte D'Azur

Every seashore is unique. There are the shores we'd like to forget, such as the Turkish Shore. There are foreign shores, such as the Ivory Coast in West Africa or Bondi Beach in Australia. Finally, there is the Côte D'Azur: the most gorgeous and the most familiar of all European shores.

29/07/2013, 12:56

The Mystery of the Treasure Mountain

In Artsakh, on the top of Mount Gandzasar, which means “Treasure Mountain,” stands one of the most beautiful and mysterious temples in the world. According to the accounts of the XIII century historian Movses Kalankatvatsy, the head of Saint John the Baptist is buried at this site.

26/07/2013, 16:51

The Enemy of Time

I had to return to the hotel from Cairo International Airport. A night in Cairo glimpsed through the window: the Nile with its five star-liners and small motor-boats, palms illuminated by street lights, mosques, a half-moon hanging high above the Nile, silver horns up. And finding myself without a ticket at the airport!

Inside Height

Is there a starting point for the memory? Perhaps once there was, but now it has been lost in the fathomless eyes of the old people of Mets Tagher — busy with playing cards in the main square.

16/07/2013, 12:55

Cloven-hoofed course

If you have ever participated in a khash ceremony at least once, you will never pass indifferently by the “epilated” cow feet or legs sticking out from a bucket; moreover, you will linger over radish, garlic and basilica sold at greengrocers’ – а mandatory supplement for a skillful khash festive.

16/07/2013, 12:40


He comes out of the mountain, rather immerses in the mountain, deep inside of it. Into its womb. He is the Mountain. His first name is Ayrivank: monastery in a cave.

23/03/2013, 15:54