Eternal Alphabet: M (men) - Մ (մեն)

In medieval Armenian manuscripts, letter Մ, with different signs of abbreviation, used to denote such words as մայր ([mayr] – mother), մ իտք ([mitq] –thought), մարմ ին ([marmin] – body), the name Մարկոս ([Markos] – Marcos), etc.

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Eternal Alphabet: Č̣ (čē) - Ճ (ճէ)

The first word of the first sentence written in Armenian characters, began with letter Ճ. The numerical value of Ճ is 100. It indicatesthe beginning of a new row – the values of the next 9 letters successively increase by 100. In medieval manuscripts, letter Ճ is pictured as men – actors, dancers, etc.

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Eternal Alphabet: Ġ (łat) -Ղ (ղատ)

The name of letter Ղ gave rise to the word ղատասություն ([ghatasutyun] – lallation),i.e. uttering of sound [gh] instead of [r]. Almost like the French pronouncetheir famous prance r.

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Eternal Alphabet: Dz (ja) -Ձ (ձա)

For multiplying 20 times 4, we get 80 [dz], which is the first letter of word oil [dzyut] in Armenian. And substituting the letter 400 [n] for 80 [dz], we change the word oil [dzyut] in to the word for matter [nyut], which symbolizes the new leaven that miraculously raises up the lump of dough.

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Eternal Alphabet: H (hɔ) -Հ (հո)

Հ is the first letter of the words Հայ – Armenian, Հայաստան – Armenia, Հայրենիք – homeland. Besides, ՀՀ is the abbreviation of the name of the Armenian state, the Republic of Armenia – Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն [(Hayastani Hanrapetutyun]).

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Eternal Alphabet: K (ken) -Կ (կեն)

In Grabar, the Old Armenian language, կ stood for a sound that conformed to the Russian [к]. Of the two New Armenian literary languages, only the Eastern Armenian inherited this sound, while in the Western Armenian կ has retained its traditional way of writing.

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Eternal Alphabet: Ts (ca) - Ծ (ծա)

According to one of the existing versions, letter Ծ derives from the Armenian letter Զ [z]. Supporters of another version believe that the graphic form of Ծ originates in letter of the Syriac еstrangelo – the oldest of all varieties of the Syriac script.

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Eternal Alphabet: Kh (xē) -Խ (խէ)

In Armenian, a Christian is also called “khachapasht” that means “someone who worships cross”. The numerical value of Խ is 40. This number is repeatedly used in the Bible: the flood lasted forty days and nights

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Eternal Alphabet: L (liwn) - Լ (լիւն)

The numerical value of lyun is 30. In the acrostic written by Mashtots, it stands for the word Լույս ([luys] – light). Light is the traditional symbol of divinity and sacredness, which originates in the Bible, where “God is light” (John, 11:5).

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Eternal Alphabet: I (Iini) - Ի (ինի)

The mystic poet Grigor Narekatsi (X century) made letter Ի the symbol of grief and sins. Most of his “Book of Lamentations”, which consists of 95 chapters, is written in free verse.

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