Jazz Improvisations in Time and Space

The majestic low baritone of Willis Conover followed by the equally wonderful singing of other great jazz musicians. It was “The Jazz Hour” on the radio. Unexpectedly, a mature and velvety voice of a girl joined in, a voice resembling that of the immortal ladies of jazz: Ella, Sarah, and Billy. It was the voice of Tatevik.

12/08/2013, 15:18

Person moving

Sculptor and graphic artist Arto Chakmakhchyan moved to Canada thirty years ago. He is now better known outside Armenia, but he has always stayed in touch with his homeland. In 2004 Arto was awarded the Movses Khorenatsi Medal for his unique contribution to national art.

The Wild Colors of Success

Since the 1970's flamboyant designer Alek Adorian has been dressing stars in London and Hollywood. His unconventional style and unique approach have attracted big names like Elton John, Madonna, and Will Smith. He has added color and flare to the Hollywood fashion scene.

12/08/2013, 12:24

The Art of Beauty

They say that «gentlemen prefer blondes», but some prefer brunettes. Some look to a beautiful body for inspiration, and others the soul. Some like a day in the country, others a night in the city. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but finding it is an art.

01/08/2013, 13:46


Famous throughout Europe, tenor Ruben Elbakian is convinced that the most important function in the art of music is that of composer – the one who actually creates. As for singers, even the quite gifted ones, he considers them servants of the author, summoned only for giving voice to the creations.

01/08/2013, 13:04

Why Did You Grant Me So Much?

As I was leaving the studio of one of the most prominent contemporary French painters, Jansem, I asked him, “What are you going to do now, right after I leave?” He replied, “I’ll have a snack and will continue working.”

The Sunny Creations Serpui Marie

In her quest to conquer San Paolo, Serpui Marie’s intention was to dedicate her life to natural sciences. But when she arrived in the fashion capital of South America, she chose the profession of a fashion designer.

01/08/2013, 12:03

We and our mountains

Henrik Malyan’s film We and Our Mountains (based on Hrant Matevosyan’s novel) became a cult film. It also turned out that the members of a popular hip-hop group Hye Tgherk and the alliance Hye Team also looked good as the favorite characters of the movie.

26/07/2013, 15:48

Body moves

Mihran Kirakosian is more than another successful “backup” dancer - he has his own individual style of dance. His resume includes collaborations with many popular singers, such as Pink, Lil’ Kim, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and others. He has been featured in music videos for Madonna’s “Hung Up” and “Sorry”.

The Altar of the Owl

In San Francisco, the most romantic American city, among the sculptures of Rodin, Bufano, and Henry Moore a dozen sculptures of an Armenian master are found. In the foyer of City Hall, four of the twelve bronze sculptures of famous individuals were made by Haig Patigian.