Themes in Yerevanian Visual Art over the 20th Century

Why do artists continue to refer to Yerevan's images of Yerevan for inspiration? What were they looking for at the beginning of the 20th century and what are they looking for now? Furthermore, what valuable themes recur in these works? Our writers consulted some of Yerevan's most knowledgeable art critics for answers.

23/10/2014, 12:53

Bringing Yerevan's Buildings to Life

Hoping for a bright entry into a new era of optimism in Yerevan, ImYerevan implements street art projects to decorate entrances to the city's buildings.

06/10/2014, 15:53

Mapping Memories: A Creative Project in Yerevan

Mapping Memories aims to gather the major urban and architectural modifications through storytellings and narratives of the inhabitants to elaborate a subjective spatiotemporal map of a post-Soviet cities.

15/07/2014, 17:17

Documentary Film Screening in Yerevan: An Italian's Travels Armenia

Italian artist Bruno Bruni is in Armenia again, this time to be present at the premiere of a documentary film dedicated to his exhibition.

11/06/2014, 14:09

Person moving

Sculptor and graphic artist Arto Chakmakhchyan moved to Canada thirty years ago. He is now better known outside Armenia, but he has always stayed in touch with his homeland. In 2004 Arto was awarded the Movses Khorenatsi Medal for his unique contribution to national art.

Why Did You Grant Me So Much?

As I was leaving the studio of one of the most prominent contemporary French painters, Jansem, I asked him, “What are you going to do now, right after I leave?” He replied, “I’ll have a snack and will continue working.”

The Altar of the Owl

In San Francisco, the most romantic American city, among the sculptures of Rodin, Bufano, and Henry Moore a dozen sculptures of an Armenian master are found. In the foyer of City Hall, four of the twelve bronze sculptures of famous individuals were made by Haig Patigian.