Eternal Alphabet: AYB - Ա (այբ)

Letter Ա, being the symbol of the beginning, was correlated with the first day of creation of the world, the day when the God created the light and separated it from the darkness.

22/12/2015, 12:21

The 10 most innovative schools in the world

Innovation in education can look like lots of things, like incorporating new technology or teaching methods, going on field trips, rejecting social norms, partnering with the local community.

07/10/2015, 00:45

Stella Maxwell posed for Vogue Russia in Armenia

Victoria's Secret angel Stella Maxwell posed for Vogue Russia October 2015 in Armenia. Famous fashion model’s photo shoot made by photographer David Musheghyan was fulfilled with Armenian national garment and accessories.

17/09/2015, 20:14

What and Where in Yerevan: Argentine Tango

So, here you are a traveller in Armenia with a burning passion for the ultimate communication between leader and follower, for the music that comes out through your feet and for the interest to discover how tango accommodates itself in the Armenian realities?

27/07/2015, 13:13

The Demonic Detailing of Zack Demirtshyan

Besides the central theme of the Armenian Genocide, depicted in the details of the artwork are numerous instances of pogroms and genocide that tragically mark all of human history.

23/04/2015, 13:17

Launch of Armenian Pop-Up Gallery Sparks Conversations About Curation

Armenia's first pop-up gallery brings new perspective into Armenia’s art mix and makes it clear that they may appear in unexpected places, they won't be served to us unprepared.

HAYP: Armenia's First Pop-Up Gallery

Anna Gargarian, founder of HAYP, Armenia's first Pop-Up Gallery explains what exactly a pop-up gallery is and what it means for modern art in Armenia.

30/11/2014, 18:05

Preserving a Shifting City with Watercolor

Amidst the debates over Yerevan’s imminent change, however, there lies the work of Peto Poghosyan, who has attempted to capture the tension of transition—new buildings and all—through the graceful strokes of his paintbrush.

18/11/2014, 15:43

Armenian Art Alive

At ImYerevan, we are always seeking new ways of invigorating Armenian culture. In our latest project, we selected 12 canonic portraits by Armenian painters in the 19th and 20th centuries. We have carefully and painstakingly modified each portrait, preserving its integrity while providing you with a unique aesthetic and hopefully, a new perspective on the art itself.

14/11/2014, 11:47

Carving Out Yerevan's Contemporary Sculpture Scene

In this article, some of Yerevan's sculptors artists discuss with ImYerevan what it’s like to work in their field in the 21st century and the struggle of creating art in this city.

06/11/2014, 15:50