Is Tagging Taking Over Yerevan?

ImYerevan covers the city's recent anonymous tagger.

Dilijan School Puts Armenia Back on the Map as an Educational Center

United World College institution opens in Dilijan, making Armenia a competitive player in the global education market.

Branding Armenia: 'It's time to share Armenia with the world'

Depending who you're talking to, Armenia can refer to a territory with long history, an ethnicity with a global diaspora, and a nation searching for an identity and dreams for a better future. How do all of these elements combine to help strategists determine where Armenia is headed in the 21st century?

What Yerevan’s Youth Are Thinking

In a city like Yerevan, where money always seems to be an issue, asking young people “What is your biggest dream?” will highlight that fact. While some of the answers we got certainly require money to become reality, it was clear that money was not the only objective.

Revisiting A Critical Historical Moment

Stalin pinned map to the wall and following along the Turkish-Armenian border with his pipe, said: “This, this is where I don’t like our border…”

Bringing Yerevan's Buildings to Life

Hoping for a bright entry into a new era of optimism in Yerevan, ImYerevan implements street art projects to decorate entrances to the city's buildings.

ImYerevan's Photo Shoot with Actor Ken Davitian

Borat co-star Ken Davitian visits Yerevan in July of 2014 and poses with the city's monuments.

Documentary Film Screening in Yerevan: An Italian's Travels Armenia

Italian artist Bruno Bruni is in Armenia again, this time to be present at the premiere of a documentary film dedicated to his exhibition.

Monte Melkonian and the Way of the Samurai – Changing Reality through Struggle

“The question arises unintentionally: ‘Why should I die if it has no use. Why should I pay with my life for nothing?’ These are value judgments of an egoistic man. When you have to make a choice, don’t allow the thoughts about use or profit sway your mind.

The Last Record

If Shavarsh Karapetian lived in Ancient Greece, he and his lifesaving deeds would have become a part of Greek mythology on the same scale as those of Hercules. His heroic acts saved the lives of countless, and it all happened in times of peace.

The Great Secret of Ayrudzi

The history of the mankind is predominantly the history of wars. We have a profound understanding of Greek and Roman military arts, but the history of the Armenian armed forces of the remote past remains untold.

Surreal pictures

This Armenian Photographer Made A Breathtaking Observation About The Human Eye.

The Sunny Creations Serpui Marie

In her quest to conquer San Paolo, Serpui Marie’s intention was to dedicate her life to natural sciences. But when she arrived in the fashion capital of South America, she chose the profession of a fashion designer.

The Architect of the Twelfth Capital

The physical history of Yerevan in the 20th century was written with a bold signature in a swift line and with a new vocabulary, without mistakes or scribbles. First on paper, and then in stone. The author of this new visual narrative was the architect Alexander Tamanyan.