Mapping Memories in Yerevan

Mapping Memories aims to gather the major urban and architectural modifications through storytellings and narratives of the inhabitants to elaborate a subjective spatiotemporal map of a post-Soviet cities.

Yerevan from “Kenoscope” tried once again to explore the sights of Yerevan with Ken Davidian.

Loneliness in Yerevan: A User’s Guide

When Armenians come back to Yerevan, it is important what they see, what they feel and what they want to change here...

The Water As It Is

The best video ever about the relationships between water and Yerevan.

Journey is the destination

Vahe Berberian - an artist, playwright, actor, and a man with a heap of creative ideas, the realization of which takes his whole existence, becomes a cultural icon of classic proportions, an Armenian Don Quixote - combination of nobility and desire to defend his beliefs.

Water world

There are more than 100 lakes in Armenia, located in located in cozy, impassable highlands. They being so remote, we have seen but a few. So here is a top selection we post for the first time.

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The One and Only

This is one of those rare cases when the word “exclusive” may be used in several occasions: to define a personality, a man and his actions. Yerevan Magazine is honored to introduce to its readers the exceptional nature of one man to whom even the sky is not the limit – literally.

Incredibly Beautiful

Beauty pervades everything. Any environment blossoms with the unexpected appearance of beauty. Here, an artist attempts to incarnate the muses of beauty in female form, letting us observe how they intertwine and mastefully use all five senses to impregnate the surroundings with passion.

The Sunny Creations Serpui Marie

In her quest to conquer San Paolo, Serpui Marie’s intention was to dedicate her life to natural sciences. But when she arrived in the fashion capital of South America, she chose the profession of a fashion designer.

The Incredible Adventures of an Italian in Armenia

Over reactive journalists, Che Gevara’s influence, a dinner by Bakhtamyan, nuances of working with marble and all this during one film screening.

Vordan Karmir

Ancient symbol of power and admiration, essence of beauty and goodness, the one creature whose glory does not fade in the face of the ravages of time. At first, it might sound queer that these qualities are attributed to a 12-millimeter long red insect.

Urban blades

With so many talents in his possession, it’s no wonder that Greg Mirzoyan, a professional skater and photographer, has chosen the task to take the world by storm. Mixed with his insatiable hunger for travel, Mirzoyan shows just how far you can go with a single pair of skates and plenty of drive.

The king of kings

The reign of Tigran II was a period of a forceful outward expansion in the history of Armenia. The great Armenian king, a clever politician and strategist, transformed his country into a power-ful state which even threatened the mighty Rome.

Saroyan-Hemingway Love-Hate Relationship

William Saroyan was born a century ago, on August 31, 1908, in Fresno, California. In celebration of the 100th birthday of the author, we offer this article about complex relationship of William Saroyan and Ernest Hemingway.