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Looking Back: Artifacts of Yerevan

Everyone has some object, perhaps a teddy bear, necklace or photograph that reminds them of a time long gone. Indeed, it’s only natural to reminisce about the past. So to get a better sense of what Armenians around the world hold on to, we searched the word “Yerevan” on eBay, and this is what we found.

Marc Aryan Vinyl Albums

Price $30

Place, France

It’s not surprising that this collection of twelve vinyl records of French-Armenian composer, Marc Aryan, is marked as “used”. After all, Henri Markarian (the singer/songwriter’s real name) saw major success in the francophone world during the 1960s. Markarian had only one song in Armenian, naturally called “Yerevan”, that he performed in the Soviet Armenian Republic while on tour in 1968. Markarian also wrote a song called “Istanbul” which was a real hit in Turkey. Actually, Markarian was so famous in that country that he even went on to record and release a series of well-known songs there.


1960’s Erevan Alarm Clock

Price $4.95

Place, Netherlands

The current state of Yerevan’s clock factory might be depressing, but its products from the Soviet era are highly desirable for collectors. A great find to be sure. However, we warn that even though it says “made in USSR” on the clock face, in the description the seller lists the place of production as the Netherlands. 


Ticket to the 1996 Chess Tournament

Price $12.50

Place, Yerevan

With this well-kept ticket from the 1990s, you can recall memories of one of the most exciting events to ever take place in Yerevan. This piece was once sold for a mere 400 dram. Now, it’s a tad pricier.  


YeRAZ 1968 Souvenir

Price $49.99

Place, Yerevan

Anything associated with YeRAZ is intriguing. This piece is very difficult to find, and true collectors of national memorabilia shouldn’t be hindered by the fifty dollar price tag. You may be interested to know that this item was not made in Yerevan, but in Russia.


Bus Ticket from the 1970s

Price, $1.99

Place, Yerevan

For more than four decades this humble, seemingly uninteresting bus ticket, number 061967, was simply waiting to be sold on eBay. We suppose that someone will eventually buy it. The only thing worth adding here is that this is one of those instances when the shipping of an item ($5) costs more than the item itself. 


Taxi Receipt/Coupon from 1930s

Price, $6.99

Place, Yerevan

If the bus ticket brought on feelings of nostalgia, then this fossil is sure to impress. According to the description on the product page, this ticket (evidently in the 1930s a ticket was necessary for taking a taxi) was intended for a trip from Yerevan to Yelenovka (former name of Sevan City). Let’s hope that car number 22, as is listed on the ticket, got to its destination safe and sound.


Cookie Tin

Price, $40

Place, Tallinn, Estonia

There was a time when cookies were sold in such lovely packaging, that one simply did not have the heart to throw it out. This tin produced by Yerevan’s pastry factory, in series featuring Yerevan’s many attractions, will surely be valuable to any collection of Yerevan memorabilia.




Bronze Medal with image of King Argishti

Price, $182

Place, USA

In 1968, when the Erebuni-Yerevan 2750 anniversary was celebrated with major fanfare, various souvenirs were produced throughout the Soviet Union. Many of these can be found on eBay and in Yerevan’s Vernissage. This bronze medal of 57 millimeter diameter was also produced at that time. One might also assume that the vendor from California has priced the item a bit high, actually about ten times higher than its real worth. 


Armenian Cognac, Cigarette Case

Price, $47

Place, Bulgaria

We’re rather intrigued by the way this item disguises one unhealthy habit (alcohol) with another (tobacco). All you have to do is twist the top and the cognac bottle will turn into a cigarette container. The date of production is not noted, but it’s probable that this piece has seen at least three decades of life.


Envelope with Picture of Lenin’s Square

Price, $2

Place, Bulgaria

Envelopes with images of Yerevan’s various monuments and sites are easily found on eBay and in other online memorabilia stores. Branding of this kind was taken rather seriously in the Soviet Union. What’s unique about this envelope is that it is quite old, from 1958 to be exact. The letter, however, was posted in 1960, and the stamp and seal commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Soviet Armenian Republic. 




Ararat-Bavaria Meeting Booklet

Price, $16

Place, Great Britain

As all Armenians know, the Ararat team became soccer champions of the USSR in 1973. A year later they went on to represent the Soviet Union in the UEFA cup, which is now considered a champion league. It is equally well known that Ararat lost that tournament to the Bavaria team from Munich in the final quarter. Amazingly, 40 years later, this informative booklet from Hrazdan Stadium can be purchased from an unknown British seller on eBay.   


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