Trying to Keep Up With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian came upon the gossip circuit as a member of a famous and well-connected family. She soon distanced herself from that image and began to reinvent herself. The 27 year old Armenian-American first came onto the Hollywood radar as a close friend of the socialite Paris Hilton, but very quickly learned to play her own fame game.

05/08/2013, 14:22

The Architect of the Twelfth Capital

The physical history of Yerevan in the 20th century was written with a bold signature in a swift line and with a new vocabulary, without mistakes or scribbles. First on paper, and then in stone. The author of this new visual narrative was the architect Alexander Tamanyan.

Woman of the Year

Alice Petrossian - mother, grandmother, wife, educator, community activist, philanthropist, Assistant Superintendent. The list of her accomplishments and accolades could easily go on for pages. It might be easier to simply agree with the California State Legislature and call her, "Woman of the Year".

Journey is the destination

Vahe Berberian - an artist, playwright, actor, and a man with a heap of creative ideas, the realization of which takes his whole existence, becomes a cultural icon of classic proportions, an Armenian Don Quixote - combination of nobility and desire to defend his beliefs.

Joe The Turk

The name Joseph Karapetian doesn’t mean much to most of us. But as soon as one mentions Joe the Turk to anyone with a connection to the Salvation Army, there is an immediate recognition of a brave and unique “savior”, a recollection of the man who became a legend in the U.S.

Inside Height

Is there a starting point for the memory? Perhaps once there was, but now it has been lost in the fathomless eyes of the old people of Mets Tagher — busy with playing cards in the main square.

16/07/2013, 12:55

Cloven-hoofed course

If you have ever participated in a khash ceremony at least once, you will never pass indifferently by the “epilated” cow feet or legs sticking out from a bucket; moreover, you will linger over radish, garlic and basilica sold at greengrocers’ – а mandatory supplement for a skillful khash festive.

16/07/2013, 12:40