Plastic-EVN vs. Eco-EVN: Which Side Are You?

Everywhere you turn in Yerevan there are heaps of trash on the streets. It's time we start taking care of our city and join the movement #plasticstorming

12/09/2017, 14:34

Solar Energy Powered Bike Station for EVN

Urban Incubator Yerevan 2.0 starts new projects called to protect environment and promote sustainable energy by creating a solar energy powered " Rent a Bike" station for downtown Yerevan

02/07/2017, 14:00

Plastic storming: give up the usual, feel the difference.

Plastic bags which we use are mostly made by polietilenits. When the plastic entered our daily life it seemed to be a revolution.However the whole world is aware of the harm it causes to the planet’s ecology.

03/03/2017, 16:08

Why Armenia might be Europe's best-kept secret

The telegraph about Armenias hidden secret.

13/11/2016, 12:13

Other Yerevan: Mapping Yerevan’s Alternative Urban Heritage

Other Yerevan is a virtual “museum” of cultural-architectural heritage sites in contemporary Yerevan. It helps discover and document historically and culturally significant urban sites.

02/11/2016, 14:47

10 reasons why Armenia has become a medical tourism Mecca

When we founded GetTreated in Yerevan, back in 2014, many asked what they thought to be a perfectly rational question: of all places, why Armenia?

31/08/2016, 13:01

Photographer Uses Drone To Capture The Beauty Of Armenia

Landscapes, cultural monuments, cities are nowadays newly discovered with the help of aerial photography. Images, taken from a bird’s-eye view, have truly altered our perception of the photography.

21/08/2016, 12:44

"Yell Extreme park" in Yenokavan, Armenia

On 22nd of July mass media representatives spent an amazing and unforgettable adventurous hot summer day in the dense and cool forest in "Yell Extreme Park" rest area in Yenokavan community in Tavush region of the RA. Mass media representatives were given this opportunity due to the initiative of the unique extreme project “Yell Extreme Park”.

23/07/2016, 18:03

Symposium On "Employment And Building Capacity Of The Disadvantaged And People With Disabilities In Armenia" Took Place In Yerevan

On June 30, a symposium on the “Employment and building capacity of the disadvantaged and people with disabilities in the RA” has been held in Yerevan.

08/07/2016, 13:08