The Story of a Magazine With An 'Accent'

ImYerevan revisits an interview with Yerevan Magazine founder Gor Nakhapetyan, explaining the origins and future of the magazine.

21/10/2014, 12:06

Playing God

Screenwriter Mardik Martin is the creator of the Hollywood classic Raging Bull.

Revisiting A Critical Historical Moment

Stalin pinned map to the wall and following along the Turkish-Armenian border with his pipe, said: “This, this is where I don’t like our border…”

Curating the Past to Create a More Hopeful Future

Curating a city’s history is no small feat in any city. Yerevan’s History Museum demonstrates to how it plans to present the city’s past to current generations with an eye on its future.

19/09/2014, 21:44

East of Byzantium

The ultimate sense of accomplishment comes to people who are able to use their expertise to bring their visions to life. Roger Koupelian, a celebrated matte artist concept painter, uses his vast experience in Hollywood to fulfill the passion he has carried since childhood.

12/08/2013, 14:43

The Architect of the Twelfth Capital

The physical history of Yerevan in the 20th century was written with a bold signature in a swift line and with a new vocabulary, without mistakes or scribbles. First on paper, and then in stone. The author of this new visual narrative was the architect Alexander Tamanyan.

The king of kings

The reign of Tigran II was a period of a forceful outward expansion in the history of Armenia. The great Armenian king, a clever politician and strategist, transformed his country into a power-ful state which even threatened the mighty Rome.

01/08/2013, 14:53

The Crime and the Acquittal

On June 2 and 3, 1921, the court of jurors of Berlin’s regional court – heard testimony in the murder case of Talaat Pasha, Turkey’s former Minister of Internal Affairs and one of the organizers of the Armenian Genocide; an act committed by Tehlirian. The court’s verdict of acquittal demonstrated the victory of human spirit over the letter of law.

26/07/2013, 17:43

The Great Secret of Ayrudzi

The history of the mankind is predominantly the history of wars. We have a profound understanding of Greek and Roman military arts, but the history of the Armenian armed forces of the remote past remains untold.

26/07/2013, 17:24

The Last Record

If Shavarsh Karapetian lived in Ancient Greece, he and his lifesaving deeds would have become a part of Greek mythology on the same scale as those of Hercules. His heroic acts saved the lives of countless, and it all happened in times of peace.