Kazar Hakobyan: a Story of Repatriation

Kazar Hakobyan repatriated fro Moscow to Armenia in 2014 and established here Street Workout Armenia Federation.

22/05/2015, 13:33

Yerevan 2.0: the Focus

Yerevan needs new breath, new quality. And here, at ‘’Yerevan Productions’’, we decided not to wait any longer and start creating the new value ourselves.

25/03/2015, 15:43

This Guy Posted on Facebook About His Move to Armenia and the Responses he Received Will Amaze You

The "Armenian Repatriates Network" has become a very special place on the Internet, not just because it’s full of Armenians from other countries who have made the bold move to repatriate to this developing country, but because of the incredible enthusiasm and responsiveness of the group’s members.

05/11/2014, 16:50

Mark Geragos: Rewriting Saroyan

For most people in the US with a television set who watch news programs, Mark Geragos needs no introduction. He has recently directed his efforts on behalf of Armenians by trying to establish ties between the Californian and Armenian governments.

07/08/2013, 18:13

Journey is the destination

Vahe Berberian - an artist, playwright, actor, and a man with a heap of creative ideas, the realization of which takes his whole existence, becomes a cultural icon of classic proportions, an Armenian Don Quixote - combination of nobility and desire to defend his beliefs.