Magazine Summer 2008 Las Vegas Welcomes TATA

20 May 2008, 17:55
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Las Vegas Welcomes TATA

Tata is the first artist from Armenia to perform in Las Vegas with solo concert. An author of over a hundred of songs, Tata in his career released 8 albums and 2 singles. In 2006 he was distinguished as an “Honored Artist of Armenia” and just recently, at the Armenian Music Awards 2007 he has received the “National Legacy” award.

What happens in Vegas… Happens at Paris Las Vegas
His is the kind of talent you don’t question, the kind you see, the kind that outshines elaborate stage lighting emanating right from the gut… every time and in every place he performs - Los Angeles, Moscow, Toronto, and now, Las Vegas.
The City of Lights, Las Vegas, welcomed Tata. Freeways were jammed solid with Armenians longing to see Tata. No one knew what day it was, only the location and the timing of the concert – Saturday, December 22nd. Giant Vegas billboards that read, “Sony,” now read, “Tata.” The city of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, Las Vegas was animated with anticipation, chattering and spirit – the Armenians arrived. The immense concert hall that saw performers of international fame rock the stage now hosted Tata – known best by our small yet potent nation. The crowd was alive not only with exhilaration, but with pride.
Tata is truly a people’s artist. At the risk of examining a complex art form with a crude lens, at any loud, dysfunctional Armenian party I ever attended, only one voice brought the shy and the self-conscious, the young and the old to an empty dance floor – that of Tata. We adore him, hundreds of thousands of us from all over the globe with our different accents, faces, and beliefs. And the packed crowd of a colorful diversity – now united by a common yearning – stood at the entrance to a massive building waiting anxiously for the door to open.
The door opened, the concert started. Tata came up on stage to hear loud greetings of a happy crowd. An epic screen met the eye of the audience displaying what they came to see – a vibrant performance by their favorite Armenian. The crowd settled to later exult.

A musician… A patriot… A great guy
It may seem old-fashioned, but Tata believes in what he sings about – love and Armenia. I know - I asked! He sings with an irrepressible spirit and truly native Armenian style. He is refreshingly positive in his demeanor and with this trait he “infects” the crowd. A true Armenian, he is restless to test his own limits. Having “conquered” all of Europe, America and Russia, he continues to experiment playing with his art by adding instrumental solos, various ethnic and choir element and singing duets.
Traveled all over the world earning fame and success, he is not a “suit” on stage, not an avant-garde airbrushed pop-king, or a stiff opera icon – he is simply the Tata we love. He has a childlike, shy demeanor and charisma that can be produced only by a genuine openness of a character. Strangely enough, his highly colorful Armenian desire for success is combined with a universally appealing quality – there is not a sad tune is his heart, nor a cruel bone in his body. All you find (even under the scrutiny of people in my line of work) is love and music.
Tata sat in front of me as I was trying to make peace with another gadget that I recently purchased and now could not operate. He waited patiently, turning pages of our magazine and whistling a tune I wanted to but sadly could not recognize. “Which one is it?” – I wanted to ask but did not…
It was a casual, warm-hearted, long-anticipated cup of Armenian coffee with Tata at this luxurious Las Vegas scene while observing that smile, talking about anything and everything, and wondering – why do we love him as much as we do?! Finally I stopped wondering I asked Tata himself…

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