11 November 2014, 13:56
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International Authors Discover Yerevan

The annual Literary Ark Festival took place in Yerevan this year from September 18th to the 28th. Fifteen writers from all over the world came to present their work and for ten days, they transformed the city into a center for literary discussion. We visited the Ark Festival and spent the whole day conversing with various authors, trying to gage their impressions of Armenia.

Claudio Pozzani, Italy

This is my fifth visit to Armenia, and for the fifth time, I am impressed and amazed. Each time, I find the city more and more beautiful. One thing that makes me really happy is that you hardly see crime here. Armenians seem to have a unique public safety system. In Europe relationships between people and general conduct are growing bad. In Yerevan, I see a kind of simplicity, or frankness. Everywhere I go I want to stop and talk with people. 


Ladislav Větvička, Czech Republic

This isn't my first time in Armenia. During this trip I noticed that people have changed, they smile more and seem friendlier. I think that tourists in this country appreciate the hospitality most. People here are always ready to help those in need.  Yerevan itself doesn't seem to have changed much, though the number of modern buildings and large stores has increased. Once again the Literary Ark Festival provided the opportunity to come here and present our literature to Armenian readers, who are quite numerous. Armenians have an original love for books, print books especially. That fact really says something about the Armenian reader. 


Meg Rosoff, Great Brittain
During my trip I visited Yerevan State University. My god, the Armenian students were so intelligent, they had such a fire in their eyes, and were asking me such amazing questions.  I can’t express my impressions with words. I will remember this first trip my whole life. I’m amazed as to how clean the air can be. Everywhere we go they greet us with incredible meals; Armenians know how to prepare good cuisine. What’s most interesting is that everyone is welcomed here in the same manner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a simple tourist, famous writer, or a politician, everyone is considered to be an honorable guest. 

Marco Pogachar, Croatia
Before I came here, I had heard many things about the traditions and culture of this country. For anyone who is traveling here for the first time, Armenian literature will help you to understand the values and daily life of this place. When I got here I found that everything I read about Armenia before my arrival, corresponded with the reality. We spent a few days in Artsakh and visited all the main attractions. It’s inexcusable to visit Armenia and not make the trip to Artsakh. I was also impressed by Yerevan’s architecture, the way skyscrapers stand next to old-style buildings. In the coming years I will try to visit again, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to come for a few days and see all the things that I missed. There is still a lot to discover.


Vika Chembertseva, Moldavia
I’ve been to Armenia many times and have participated in different festivals. I eagerly await each of my visits; I love this land and feel tied to Armenia. This year I actually discovered the source of my connection to the country. As it turns out, my ancestors were Greeks from Pontus and our family name was Kherkhelan. One of the tour guides at the Hovhanness Tumanyan Museum had a similar last name, it sounded nearly the same. The tour guide explained that Armenians and Greeks who lived in the same areas shared many cultural aspects and traditions. I also noticed these similarities when I was translating texts from Armenian. 


Christine Hoba, Germany
I can easily compare Yerevan with modern European cities. I’ve been to a lot of places but there have been few where I have experienced this kind of hospitality. From what I understand, many tourists visit Armenia. Perhaps they are tired of modern megalopolises, so they strive to come here, understand Armenian culture and experience the country’s nature as well. I think your greatest asset is your human approach; the first thing I noticed about Armenians was their hospitality and high spirits.


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