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Eternal Alphabet

Fresco “Creation of the Armenian Alphabet” (1978–1980) — fragment of the triptych by Grigor Khanjian. Cafesjian Center for the Arts (Yerevan, Armenia)

Creation of the alphabet in 405–406 became one of the key events of the Armenian history. It has caused incredible blossom of culture and science: there was a whole galaxy of writers, historians, philosophers, and V century has remained in the history as the Golden Age of the Armenian literature. Dissemination of education and schools, creation of translated and original literature, consolidation of the Armenian people (divided into two parts by the borders of Byzantium and Persia) – all this would be simply impossible without the perfect written system – the alphabet of Mashtots. 


This perfection is based on the following principles: each letter corresponds to one sound, each sound – to one letter; the direction of writing is from the left tothe right; absence of diacritical signs, i.e. signs for specification of pronunciation; designation of vowel sounds in writing; preservation of the form of a letter, irrespective of its position in a word. For more than sixteen centuries, the Armenian alphabet hasn't needed considerable changes, and the introduction of two letters (Օ and Ֆ) after XII century was caused by changes in the phonetic structure of the language. But the perfection of the aybuben (this is the name that the Armenians have given to their alphabet by means of combining its first two letters), according to the contemporaries of Mashtots and later authors, was not only in purely linguistic advantages. Many people considered it to be a Divine gift from the Creator.

"Eternal Alphabet" is an art- relief project, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. It symbolizes the  eternal value of the Armenian alphabet. The author of calligraphy is Vahan Balasanyan. This project is realized under the high patronage of the First Lady Rita Sargsyan ad with the support of the Yerevan City Municipality.The project was carried out by imyerevan.com website, which is the media platform of Yerevan Productions company, in the framework of Yerevan 2.0 urban incubator.

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