Breaking it Down With A Breakdancer in Yerevan

ImYerevan has a heart to heart with Serouj Aprahamian, a Lebanese-Armenian breakdancer and political activist who grew up in LA in the 90s and moved to Armenia in 2008. In this interview, he tells us about his personal story, and breaks down the ups and downs and ins and outs of the breaking scene in Armenia.

23/12/2014, 21:13

"Dolls are people, too!": Armenian Doll Exhibit in Yerevan

An exhibit recently opened up in Yerevan showcasing dolls that have been curated from various periods of Armenian history, from ancient to Soviet and today's contemporary doll-makers, demonstrating this neglected art has contains a lot of information about our culture.

24/11/2014, 14:00

Curating the Past to Create a More Hopeful Future

Curating a city’s history is no small feat in any city. Yerevan’s History Museum demonstrates to how it plans to present the city’s past to current generations with an eye on its future.

19/09/2014, 21:44

The Sunny Creations Serpui Marie

In her quest to conquer San Paolo, Serpui Marie’s intention was to dedicate her life to natural sciences. But when she arrived in the fashion capital of South America, she chose the profession of a fashion designer.

01/08/2013, 12:03