Eternal Alphabet: AYB - Ա (այբ)

Letter Ա, being the symbol of the beginning, was correlated with the first day of creation of the world, the day when the God created the light and separated it from the darkness.

22/12/2015, 12:21

The 10 most innovative schools in the world

Innovation in education can look like lots of things, like incorporating new technology or teaching methods, going on field trips, rejecting social norms, partnering with the local community.

07/10/2015, 00:45

The Niva Kayf: The Automobile with an Armenian Attitude

The legendary Soviet-era vehicle, the Niva Lada, has and continues to hold a firm place in Armenian society since its arrival in the 1970s. In this article, Vrej Haroutounian explains what he has termed the 'Niva Kayf' in this list of 10 truths about the Niva.

03/11/2014, 14:27

Taxis Gone Wild

Lately the absurdity of taxi names in Armenia has caught significant attention. Everyday new cab services pop up in the streets of Yerevan, and we’re happy to report that the names splayed across vehicles in outdated fonts, are as quirky as ever.

22/10/2014, 15:09

The Wild Colors of Success

Since the 1970's flamboyant designer Alek Adorian has been dressing stars in London and Hollywood. His unconventional style and unique approach have attracted big names like Elton John, Madonna, and Will Smith. He has added color and flare to the Hollywood fashion scene.

12/08/2013, 12:24