Terms of Use
1. The following are the general terms and conditions that apply to www.imyerevan.com for all users of the web site. These Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter the “Terms of Use”) apply to the use of the www.imyerevan.com web site (hereinafter “Site”) and include the following:
  • Conditions of use of materials placed on the Site.
  • Conditions of placement of materials on the Site by users (including but not limited to) for text, images, and comments.
This Site, which is owned and operated by Yerevan Productions CJSC, is considered a portal to the Internet. The user of the Site understands and is responsible for abiding by all the conditions of the Terms of Use stipulated below.
Yerevan Productions CJSC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change these Terms of Use in portions or its entirety at any time. The new version of the Terms of Use comes into effect 5 (five) days after the launch of
We are introducing the new Terms of Use of the www.imyerevan.com site to you.You are held responsible when agreeing to the conditions, and we reserve the right to change the Terms of Use.
2. Conditions for use of materials appearing on www.imyerevan.com2.1. All materials published on the Site, including but not limited to texts, photographs, videos, graphics, original music and sounds are protected under copyright law.
Moreover, the entire content of the Site is protected as an operational entity as recognized by articles 62-64 of the 13th chapter of the civilian laws of the Republic of Armenia and the laws on the rights of authorship. Yerevan Productions CJSC reserves the sole right to grant use of the contents of the Site (which includes selecting, placing, arranging or reworking data as well as managing initial data on www.imyerevan.com), except in cases where published materials on the Site are credited.
ИThe use any materials for any reason other than personal use without the expressed written consent of Yerevan Productions CJSC is forbidden.
The claims in this section of the Terms of Use are proclaimed in order to protect the rights of Yerevan Productions CJSC and the contents of the Site from the interests of any third parties.Moreover, all owners have the right to make use of the rights stipulated in this agreement independently.
The entire contents are protected by law. You can download materials from the Site for your own use. You cannot republish or sell them without our consent.
2.2. Users of the Site do not have the right to alter, republish, transfer to third parties, sell or make concessions, counterfeit, or other undertakings, in portions or in entirety, the Site’s contents, except for no more than 300 (three hundred) characters, excluding punctuation marks from texts where necessary (it is strictly forbidden to use any photographic or video images and/or graphics without the expressed written consent of Yerevan Productions CJSC).
Users of this Site have the right to download materials only for personal use, which is under the protective rights of Yerevan Productions CJSC. It is forbidden to reproduce or distribute, transfer to third parties, republish, or use for commercial purposes materials that are downloaded from the Site without the expressed written consent of Yerevan Productions CJSC or the author of the materials, unless the laws of the Republic of Armenia do not apply.
It is forbidden to reproduce, republish, distribute, or perform other actions with the Site’s materials protected under copyright without using the proper copyright or trademark symbol.
One exception: You can republish excerpts (citations) of up to 300 characters from our material.
3.User Policies of www.imyerevan.com 3.1. Users of the Site are responsible for using the site for lawful purposes. Users are responsible for not placing on the site or not sending via the site to anyone the following materials of any nature
  • Are in violation of the law, threaten or cause insult to others; violate the rights to the privacy of citizens or disturb the public order, or use profanity,
  • Defame the reputation or dignity in any way of others, intrude on the rights and damage protected interests
  • Commit religious, racial or inter-ethnic discrimination, spread hatred, or condone violence.
Users are also responsible for the following:
  • Properly presenting credentials as a representative on behalf of an organization or company to employees, moderators, administrators, the Site’s webmaster, in a way characterized as being subjective or objective and that does not cause confusion to www.imyerevan.com.
  • Agree not to download, send, transfer or otherwise post contents that is not protected under Armenian law or treaties.
  • Agree not to download, send, transfer or post contents that do not violate any license, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or the rights of private ownership or authorship,
  • Agree not to download, send, or spread spam (including phishing), post private e-mail addresses, promote pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing, post links, earn money online and offer business transactions by e-mail, forward chain letters, or participate in such undertakings (links sent unauthorized to www.imyerevan.com are also liable to the legal provisions of this point, even if they were sent without the direct use of www.imyerevan.com’s servers,
  • Agree not to download, send, transfer or post contents that contain viruses or malicious code, files and programs that are designed to interfere with telecommunications and software functionality to create a backdoor for malicious attacks, or serial numbers for software programs and related cracking software, logins, passwords, or the use of illegal online services, and placing links to the aforementioned.
  • Submit to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and intentional violations of international norms,
We are not responsible for users’ opinions on our site.It is PROHIBITED to advertise in the comments section. If you want (or have something) to advertise then contact or advertising department.You can only publish your own materials on the Site.
  • Submit to the collection and retention of data from third parties
  • Refusal to interfere with the operations of the www.imyerevan.com Site.
  • Refrain from representing other persons illegally
  • Refrain from publishing content that contradicts the legislation of the Republic of Armenia on Internet resources,
  • Refrain from posting political messages
  • Refrain from posting other materials directed towards illegal activities that may lead to criminal, civil and other kinds of due process, or violate the legislation of the Republic of Armenia in any way.
You alone are responsible for any materials you publish on www.imyerevan.com.
It is forbidden for users to engage in activities that circumvent or prevent users from using the Yerevan Productions CJSC Site.
Users of the Yerevan Productions CJSC Site do not have the right to use the site for their own expressed interests.
3.2. The user is responsible for not posting and promoting any product or service through the Yerevan Productions CJSC Site without the Company's prior written consent. It is prohibited to misuse any form of advertising for promoting products or services on the site.3.3. The user is responsible for not installing, posting or using in any way site materials that are protected by intellectual property laws (including copyright and trademark law), and other materials protected by legislation, the holder of the written material or without permission. Moreover, it is the user's responsibility to prove that placing items on the website does not infringe upon the copyright of third parties with respect to such materials, and other related rights. 3.4. The user agrees that he/she bears full responsibility solely for the materials on the site, including its content, relevance to legislation, posted materials to the site by third parties for infringement of rights, and compensation for any damage caused by such violations, as well as the harm arising from the placement of such materials to the site.
3.5. The user automatically gives permission to Yerevan Productions CJSC Site (and affirms that Yerevan Productions CJSC Site has permission) to use, reproduce, alter, edit, publish, translate and distribute to all countries of the world and/or incorporate such materials into other works in any media now known or in the future through the legislation that created the mass of materials intended for copyright protection during the whole period. The user gives free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to materials (whether used wholly or partially).
The user allows access to other users for personal use, to view, download or reproduce these materials from Yerevan Productions CJSC Site, and the right to edit, copy, publish and distribute any material posted by users.
We retain the right to use your material on the site at our discretion.
4. The Terms of Use www.imyerevan.com-(the site) offers users a wide selection of online services, including navigation, communication, content, personalization tools and more.
At the moment, all existing services, as well as any improvements and/or outputs are the subject of this Agreement. You understand and agree that the site does not bear any responsibility if personal data is incomplete or inaccurate, for untimely delivery, and deletion or damages for the site or to have access to a computer and outlet (circuit). Internet access to obtain the appropriate equipment and software to purchase and settle all user issues are resolved and the agreement does not extend to unforeseen issues.
Please note that the Site may contain material for adults 18 years of age. Users must be 18 years of age for this Agreement.
Site administration does not bear any responsibility between the user and third parties.
Site administration with or without prior notice may at any time terminate any service provided. Site administration also does not bear any responsibility for blocking its services.
www.imyerevan.com-'s services may contain links to other sources.
Site administration can send information to its own users.
Site administration with or without prior notification can at any time make changes to the rules and restrictions.
This Agreement is a legally binding contract between the user and Yerevan Productions CJSC Site, which regulates the use and services of www.imyerevan.com. Additional responsibilities might be added in accordance with the agreements related to other services, as well as third party owned materials.
The parties agree that the agreement between all possible disputes will be resolved in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
No relationship between the user and Yerevan Productions CJSC Site--business or company related, personal, joint service related, private initiative related, or any other type--is binding if it is not directly covered by this Agreement.
5. Copyright 5.1. All text and graphics on the site is owned by the Company and/or its partners. 5.2. Reproduction and use.
In order to use works freely and legally with permission, the information must abide to the following terms and conditions for referencing.:

1) Printed publications:
Item Name: Author (s) (if any): www.imyerevan.com, Year of publication:

2) World Wide Web:
<a href="article url">article title</a>Автор(ы) (в случае их наличия).
<a href="http://www.imyerevan.com" target="_blank">www.imyerevan.com</a>

3) TV and Media Internet portal «www.imyerevan.com»

Any other uses on websites or other outlets must be in compliance with the legislation of Yerevan Productions CJSC Site and have its permission.
All content on the site is our property.
6. Responsibilities and guarantees 6.1. The Company does not bear any responsibility in case of violation of the terms of this Agreement, if it is force majeure (unforeseeable), including the actions of state authorities, fire, floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters, lack of energy and/or secure computer network (electric line failures, equipment malfunction, etc.), strikes, civil disturbances, riots, and any other considerations the Company cannot control, and which may hinder the Company from performing the terms of this Agreement. 6.2. ОThe Company will not be held liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement, as well as losses due to the following but not restricted to:
  • The site's normal operation and information security breach due to fraud or illegal actions of third parties;
  • Site interruptions that result in code other hacking or software bugs;
  • Lack of a communication connection between the user and the Web server (making a connection, the possibility of a connection terminating, etc.);
  • In the event of conducting reconnaissance between state or local self-government bodies or organizations;.
  • Net profit organizations in the state (or other organizations), regulatory approval and / or in accordance with the above-mentioned entities or impeding the realization of its parts or impossible disposable Definitions;
  • In other cases that are related to third-person action/inaction of user access and/or computer equipment existing at the time of signing the Agreement in a deteriorating situation;
  • On the site of the company's preventive work.
We do not take responsibility in cases where we are not objectively able to carry out an obligation.
6.3. If disputing parties fail to reach an agreement with the Republic of Armenia, disputes should be referred to the court and the Company will follow the court order to respond in a period of one(1) month..
Send complaints to us before sending them to the courts. We will review complaints within a month.
7.Applicable legislation The user/Company relationship specified in this Agreement, any Website user’s data collection, storage, protection, processing and dissemination, are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
The right to use them in exceptional cases is provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.