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What and Where in Yerevan: Whisper of Yerevan

Do you usually feel the heart of the city while travelling? Can you see a single life story in it? We are often looking for a good view point to see the overall city, to take colorful photos, find museums and listen to the stories about the history and ancient times.

What about people and their everyday life? Small pieces from their conversations while walking around the streets when travelling to Yerevan can give pure and simple picture of their day-to-day realities. The life full of happiness and worries, love and disappointment, difficulties and fun…

Here are some stories gathered for the travellers to Yerevan who do not understand the local language (Armenian) and might miss some episodes of random conversations while passing by the citizens.


A couple on a date: happy and totally in love. They are at about 20-22-year-old. Suddenly, the boy decides to ask a stranger who is passing by: “Look, what a beautiful girlfriend I have! I love her so much! We are just made for each other, are we not?” The stranger walks away with a big smile on her face…

The beauty of listening to conversations while passing by the citizens of any city gives one the possibility to image and create your own story of it…

A kid is talking with his dad… “- Dad! The boy I met today in kindergarten is extremely smart and very kind. We will definetely become good friends. I like him a lot!

-   Why do you think so, my dear boy?

-   Well, he goes to the gymnastics school. He can’t be a bad boy. Sport is only for the good ones!”


A child talks to his young uncle:

“   - … I’ll go there with mom, I told them that I don’t have a father.

-        You have a father, they are divorced with your mom, but he will come to your matinee.

-        I wish he …”


Sometimes you want to stay and listen to the ending, but you walk away with the hope that there will be happy ending to any story…


Two old men are crossing the street. One of them wants to help the other with heavy bags:

-        Let me help you.

-        You? How can you help me? You can hardly walk and I’m stronger than you.

-        You are getting worse and worse day-by-day! How can I be your friend for 40 years? (Saying with sad voice)

-        I’m also wondering. Give my heavy bags back.

Friend carries the bags till the other’s home… This is a true friendship!

A child talks to her grandma.

“ - … Grandma, let me take this cute kitten home. She is helpless and so small.

-        Let her go, we don’t have enough space for her.

-        Do you know grandma, mom and dad of Zara adopted a brother for her? I want to adopt this little kitten, I should! She is alone and I will love her…”


This discovering-Yerevan series is created under the cooperation with Wandelion.



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