09 September 2015, 11:39
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What and Where in Yerevan: Bird-Eye View

While exploring a new city, travelers usually try to find a good viewpoint for high and overall view. Every city map shows general and well known high viewpoints. What if we replace the common practice with an extreme one and become a rooftop walker in Yerevan to experience something unusual and incredible in addition with some access difficulties and adrenaline? Of course, there are lots of sky bars in Yerevan, but a rooftop without any luxury might be much more attractive, we guess.

There is one most famous rooftop that is open for public and has easy access is the rooftop of the Armenian National Galery, at the Republic Square from where you can have a bird-eye view of the square itself and the nearest streets of Yerevan.

Almost all rooftops of appartment buildings and private houses in Yerevan are closed and owned by people who live there. So, if you want to have acces to “their” roofs you sould use all the charisma and discussion skills or a good friend to get the key. But the view is worth it!  

From rooftops you can see the view never seen before.

 In addition, the sunset is just second to none from the rooftop view.

Sometimes, you find out that desired rooftop doesn’t have good view to the city, but, is full of special details, like in the below two photos depicting urban disbalance and the sunset through antennas:

 It is amazing and strange, but, from the rooftops Mount of Ararat seems so close, as if one can reach to touch it.

Accidently,you can meet a cool youngster on the high points of Yerevan.

Unpredicted nice view to one of the oldest districts of Yerevan shows another life of the old city with small houses and invisible streets. 

From one of the central high building’s rooftop you can see the road-veins of Yerevan.

The most exciting part of the rooftop wandering is your discovered views that have never been seen before. The district far from the center with Mount Ara on the background is in aperfect view from the highest 16th floor building in the center of Yerevan.

Even for old citizens the view from uncommon point seems something very unique and interesting. Look at Yerevan from other perspective.

This discovering-Yerevan series is created under the cooperation with Wandelion.

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