25 July 2015, 11:32
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Local Businesses Team up with ONEArmenia to throw Great Party for Great Cause to Great Gatsby Theme

Thursday evening witnessed a rather unprecedented event in Armenia’s capital. It stood out for a few reasons, the most obvious of which was its theme: 1920s America. But not just any piece of the 1920s, specifically the glitz and glam that was the inspiration behind F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 classic novel, The Great Gatsby. In the novel itself, the parties thrown by Jay Gatsby are extravagent, ostentatious, and serve no other purpose than to be as decadent as the decade they took place in. However, ONEArmenia's soirée, appropriately titled "The Golden Twenties," had a more meaningful backstory.

As an organization based out of NYC and Yerevan that crowdfunds for innovative and economically sustainable projects in Armenia, a 1A representative says the motivation behind this event was a recent crowdfunding campaign to build greenhouses in Tavush, Armenia, which ended in late June and came short of reaching its goal. Their campaign raised an impressive $32,000 over the 45-day-long campaign period, with contributions large and small from over 300 individuals worldwide. Thanks to the international Armenian community, 1A’s team was able to give Oxfam in Armenia the funds to construct three greenhouses in Tavush in time for the year's harvest. However, due to insufficient funds, the fourth greenhouse they had planned on is still in question.

Thursday's themed fundraising soirée was the team's innovative solution. "We figured, we are always asking our international community for contributions to fund projects that take place here in Armenia. For once, we thought we would target the demographic with disposable income, right here, on the ground in Armenia, as they will be the first to feel the positive effects of our campaigns,” said one member of their team, “Why not test the waters and see what's possible?"

Whether or not they were able to reach their ambitious goal, 1A spared no effort in making this event as great as the cause behind it. In addition to an authentic jazz performance by talented Armenian jazz diva, Marbey (Marine Hakobyan), live dancers performing in 1920s style, and succulent, gourmet hors d'oeuvres from Kandinsky's Bar and Grill, one of the absolute highlights of the night was a raffle, which consisted of dozens of extravagant prizes, all of which were sponsored by various organizations in Armenia. From a couple’s hot air balloon ride for two with desserts and champagne donated by Skyball, to free golf lessons from the Ararat Valley Country Club, 1A definitely wowed partygoers as they demonstrated what is possible when local businesses and Yerevan’s community come together for a great (Gatsby) cause.

The 1A team with former In-Country Director, Nazareth SeferianThe women of the 1A team pose with their visiting summer interns and former In-Country Director
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