26 May 2015, 12:26
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Guerrilla Gardening Comes to Yerevan

Guerrilla Gardening Workshop was held in Yerevan Productions building last Friday.

A few months back Raffi Elliott-ian and Vrej Haroutounian from Four Peaks Landscape + Architecture decided to write a proposal for a mini grant from Awesome Foundation to organize the first Guerrilla Gardening Workshop to take place in Yerevan. The plan was simple teach people how to make seed bomb’s and arm them with the tools necessary to green their beloved city. This last Friday the second Guerilla Gardening Workshop took place in the backyard of the Yerevan Productions building. In celebration of 1A's current campaign to build greenhouses and develop agriculture in Armenia's villages, 1A hosted a workshop to develop green spaces in Armenia's beloved city, Yerevan.



Pottery clay, potting soil, vegetable or flower seeds, and water.

First variation:

Create a clay saucer 5cm in circumference and fill it with potting mix and seeds close slowly locking potting mix and seeds inside the clay exterior.

Second variation:

Mix one part potting clay with one part potting mix add a few grams of seeds and create 2cm round seed bombs as shown in the picture. After seed bombs are made place in a room away from direct sunlight. Wait a few days till seed bombs harden and deploy in any location that gets water and needs some greenery.


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