25 May 2015, 11:42
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Help Arevik to continue studies in Vienna

Talented violinist Arevik , who has been studding in Vienna’s Bach Music School since September 2014, needs financial support to continue her education. That help is needed for her to be able to participate in Bram’s international Competition in September 1th, obtain her own violine with proper sonorous temper and to have the chance to prepare properly the competition program during June to September months with her professors and other musicians in Vienna in Linz summer school.

Arevik’s tuition fees in 2014/15 where covered by Bach School,  which   provided her with a full scholarship also greatly  supported  by Prof. Georg Hamanne, who in addition to professional help provided her with fanatical and organizational support as per his capabilities. 

 Arevik was born in 1998 in Yerevan. The first musical education she received at the age of 4, by her violinist mother, Mariam Ivanyan. At the age of 12, studied at the Tchaikovsky Music School in Conservatory professor Artashes Mkrtchyan's class. In 2014 was admitted to the Vienna’s Musical School after Bach school , Professor Georg Haman’s class .

Since the age of 5 , she participated in several national and international competitions and won several awards, including Stradivarius founded Competition in Italian city Kremona where she took the second prize. Arevik took master classes in Boston by Longy and New England conservatoires’ professor Mark Lakirovich , In Vienna’s Music Univercity by Prof. G.Hamannits, Zurich’s Arts University Prof. Koh Gabriel Kameda, Hochschule für Musik Detmold’s Prof. Diemut Poppen.

She had solo performances in the United States, Italy, and Austria. She participated also in numerous concerts as part of the ensemble and symphony orchestras including Vienna’s Symphony Youth Orchestra.

At the moment helping Arevik is extremely important and necessary. She is surrounded by a very good and positive atmosphere, which certainly contributed to her career growth . She should be given the opportunity to demonstrate all her talent and that should be done by her hard work in 3-4 months. Arevik certainly will prove that each your input is important, and her play’s will fill people’s life’s with happiness and kindness .

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