01 April 2015, 13:55
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Moment. Night timelapse of Yerevan

The pace of urban life sometimes is too quick. The moments often pass us by like trees on the highway. But we keep forgetting that we and no one else is responsible for applying the brakes. Maybe it is time to let someone remind us that we should stop from time to time. We should stop to thoroughly live all these moments that just slide unnoticed. They slide the way they do in this time-lapse video filmed in Yerevan. One complete year passes in front of our eyes in nearly 4 minutes. It's scary to even think that almost the same usually happens in real life too. 56 non-identical scenes were chosen, 15480 images were captured, 5246 out of those were edited to just help us remember to stop periodically to fully and completely live all the moments, because sometimes moments stun us as they happen and only then we realize that some instants are more than fleeting images.

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