11 April 2014, 12:20
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Zareh Sinanyan appointed mayor of Glendale

Zareh Sinanyan has been appointed mayor of Glendale, Calif. by the City Council, replacing former Mayor Dave Weaver.

Sinanyan, an attorney who’s also served in City Hall, was elected to the council last April.

"I am deeply honored and humbled. The weight of the responsibility is considerable and I will carry out my duties to the most of my abilities. Hopefully, at the end of my term, you will consider me worthy of the office,” Sinanyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"However, while I would like this message to be purely positive, reality catches up with us faster than we'd like. Just today, several ours ago, another elderly resident of Glendale, was struck and killed by a motorist. Another fatal outcome in Glendale, another senior resident. I'm starting to lose count... These are human lives, our neighbors, friends, family members. The anguish of the family of the victim is compounded by the mental torment of the motorist who appears not to have been at fault whatsoever. In any case, the point is, there is a lot to do, much work to be done on this key issue! And this is only one, albeit very important one, of the challenges facing our city. So, please be engaged, be patient, and be supportive. I will need your support as always!"

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