28 January 2014, 06:44
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Eduardo Eurnekian looking to buy all of Greece's airports

Argentine-Armenian magnate Eduardo Eurnekian’s Corp. America holding company is bidding for all of Greece’s airports, per Bloomberg. 
Eurnekian reportedly is geared towards expansion into Southern Europe and capitalizing on the falling prices due to the crisis.
“We’re going to be very aggressive on all fronts,” said Martin Eurnekian, head of the Corp. America division and a nephew of Eduardo. “A lot of opportunities have opened up after the crisis.”
“Our mandate is to grow in the Americas and Europe with a focus on the Mediterranean,” he said. “We always invest in projects with the goal of maintaining managerial control.”
Eurnekian, 71, is the owner of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 SA and head of Corporacion America. As of March 2013, Forbes estimated Eurnekian's wealth at $1.8 billion. He is the second-richest man in Argentina, and No. 831 on Forbes' billionaires list. 
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