30 October 2013, 00:11
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Armenia-based startup, Saymetruth, launches

An Armenia-based startup, Saymetruth, announced the official beta launch of its anonymous social network Saymetruth.com today, where people can anonymously tell their friends, family members and relatives the things they would never say in person. The founders are sure that the project will help people become better.

“There are a lot of things that even the best friends, family members or relatives cannot tell each other,” says Alexander Adamyan, co-founder of Saymetruth. “Sometimes a girl can’t tell her best friend that her yellow shoes don’t match her dress, a husband can’t tell his wife that she gained weight, or a son can’t say to his politician father that he becomes too funny after the use of alcohol. The reasons for not telling the truth are that we worry the person will misunderstand us, take it wrongly or we just feel uneasy. But there are things that people must know about themselves, and if we can't say it openly, we can do it incognito.”

One of the key points of Saymetruth.com is that people have to prove that they know the person before sending them messages (for example, they need to know their phone number or must be on their Facebook friends list). Another important point is that people are not required to register if they are just going to tell something to their friends. If you want to help a person, the process should be quick and easy.

“If a person knows that there is even a slight probability that the friend will find out who told them the truth, or in other words they will be “caught”, they'll refrain from speaking out,” says Saymetruth co-founder Hrachya Manukyan. “There’s no possibility of "being caught" on Saymetruth.com. There's no need to register on the website or provide any personal data. You just need to find your friend and send them a message.”

Saymetruth is a global startup with plans to conquer the international market. “Today our main goal is to gain a foothold in the US market,” says Manukyan, “then we will move forward.”

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