28 November 2014, 12:49
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Armenian Rock: On the Right Path

Contemporary Armenian rock bands, including Like in Syberia, Voo Doo, Perfect Legacy and Nairi, have all gathered on a roof in Yerevan, and we managed to ask them a few questions. On November 17th, at the Tumanyan Puppet Theater, there took place the Right Way Rock Festival. Armenian bands including Like in Syberia, Voo Doo and Perfect Legacy all performed. Nairi, a favorite with all rock lovers also performed. In order to chat with the bands, and gage the status of rock in Armenia, we decided to get away from the city’s noise by climbing up onto Yerevan’s roofs.

Voo Doo

Genre: Progressive New Metal

The one year old group assures that rock music won’t die or get sick. Rock experiences its ups and downs, also a changes in generation, but the genre will continue on as long as there are people who love it.

Voo Doo already has studio recordings and professiona l tracks. The band members list Bambir, Vostan Hayots and Dogma as the best groups in Armenian rock.

Perfect Legacy

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

When they heard about the notion of a crisis in Armenian rock, the members of Perfect Legacy were simply surprised. “We ourselves are indicators of Armenian rock’s persistence and development”, noted the young rockers.

The group got together just a few months ago, and this festival was their first show. However, each of the band members has performed with other groups in the past.

Like in Syberia

Genre: New Metal, Metalcore

The band members of Like In Syberia are confident that Armenian rock is still like a child and has lots of room to grow.

“We need to nurture it, get it on its feet, teach it walk, run and fly. We have to ask that child’s mother to raise her kid right, teach him to stay away from drinking and smoking”.

“We didn’t choose the name ‘Right Way’ for no reason. We want Armenian rock to find a new path, direction, and that responsibility lies on the shoulders of young groups”.

There is a vision for the future of Armenian rock, and there are groups in which we can place some hope. Musicians can look to groups from Vanadzor such as Luys e Luys and Vordan Karmir.

P.S. Nairi

Headlining the concert was heavy metal group, Nairi. For them this festival was yet another way of standing by young rock groups. This old group’s decision to do so is proof that it really doesn’t matter what people are saying in the cafes about Armenian rock. The most important thing is the music that is produced everyday day. Anyone who understands rock, surely sensed that at the festival.


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