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Eternal Alphabet: BEN - Բ (բեն)

The numerical value of letter “ben” is 2, which symbolizes the dual nature of the universe. It is believed that Բ [b] was derived from the Greek В (beta). The graphic form of letter Բ has not undergone any considerable alteration, even as compared with its earliest patterns. Small letter (բ) almost identically repeats lettering of the capital Բ, but is different in proportions and disposition on the row. 

Letter Բ is the first consonant of the Armenian alphabet. The sound it denotes derives from the Indo-European [bh], which conforms to the Greek [ph], Sanskrit [bh],

Latin [f], Italian [p], and Russian [б]. In the Eastern Armenian, which is the official language of the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, at the beginningand in the middle of words sound [b] is sometimes muffled –transformed to [ph] or [p]. In the Western Armenian, the language of the Armenian diaspora of America, Europe and the Middle East, it is always pronounced as unvoiced aspirate [ph]. In dialects sound [b] takes various forms.


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