15 October 2015, 19:42
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ArmComedy Gets Conan O’Brien to Confess Kim, Trump and his Armenian Experience

In his 14-minute appearance at ArmComedy O’Brien goes through essential Armenian experiences, finds Armenian roots in family, exposes connections with Kim Kardashian  and invites the hosts to appear on his Late Night Show in L.A.


Conan’s visit made a big splash not just in Armenia, but internationally. In a feature on Variety  Conan jokes about “every boss’s responsibility to take their assistant back to their ancestral land” and floods social media with video clips and selfies at Armenian sights.  


On Armenia’s only political satire show ArmComedy Conan goes on to discuss his discoveries in Armenia about how “beautiful Armenian women are and how very angry Armenian men are”, as well tackles hottest US politics - the Donald Trump campaign and Kanye West’s pledge to run for president in 2016.


Speaking of cultural experiences Conan joked about some behaviour habits of Armenian men and the “overwhelming urge of all people to offer walnuts wrapped in dried apricots”. Humoring into the ArmComedy routine, Conan explained his potential Armenian roots and actually signed a “release form” authorizing ArmComedy to “spread rumors on his Armenian ancestry”.


In addition to the classic interview format, Conan also played in a skit on “Armenian experience in 2 minutes” where he posed as barbeque expert, Yerevan taxi driver and called himself “an expert on all things Armenian”.


The program ended in an enchanted invite by Conan for ArmComedy to be guests on his TBS show “Conan”.

The programs was aired one of PanArmenian Media Group’s channels with national coverage and boosted enthusiastic debate on twitter and facebook and content with growing image of Armenia abroad. To remind, this year alone Armenia got a big share of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Serj Tankian and Charlez Aznavour tripping around the country and appearing in international media.





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