17 November 2014, 13:12
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The Future of Fitness in Armenia: Workout Gurus Educate Youth

The young men who are organizing and leading the movement Street Workout Armenia recently made a visit to Vardashen’s Special School Number 1. These workout gurus led a few classes in the school’s gym, demonstrating the benefits of a practicing a healthy lifestyle and a daily fitness routine.

These street athletes began by doing a small performance of sorts, then went on to teach little enthusiasts a few fitness basics. The children were thrilled to meet Yerevan’s workout champions and enthusiastically made their own efforts to master their movements. The visit was an exciting disruption from the everyday grind for the children of the school and gave them an opportunity to rethink approaches to physical education.

According to Arthur Harutyunyan, Street Workout Armenia’s founder, events of this type are growing in popularity: “Soon we will be visiting similar establishments throughout the city. For that reason we have decided to visit each place a couple of times. That way, the kids really feel like we’re by their side. Specifically for this school, we plan on coming back at least three times before end of the year”.

Street Workout Armenia is growing in popularity among Armenia’s youth. Already the movement has more than 600 people involved in Yerevan and throughout numerous regions of Armenia. These street athletes advocate a healthy lifestyle in an entertaining and impressive way. Through various tricks performed on the horizontal bars, they’re able to capture kids’ attentions with for a good cause.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures we at ImYerevan took that day, which we have provided here for your viewing pleasure!



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