03 March 2017, 16:08
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Plastic storming: give up the usual, feel the difference.

Plastic bags which we use are mostly made by polietilenits. When the plastic entered our daily life it seemed to be a revolution: it was convenient, practicaland cheap. However the whole world is aware of the harm it causes to the planet’s ecology. Today, there is a persistant tendency to reduce the active polyethylene consumption. Most European and Asian countries have refused to use them nowadays.

So what is the risk?

Discarded packets are stored for too long and do not undergo biological decomposition, thus they create cosistant pollution. Plastic bags unlike plastic bottles can not be recycled and are no longer economically justified. This is another reasons not to use plastic bags.

Armenia: few words, long steps.

According to statistics about 823 tons plastic bags which is about 0.25 kg per person, are used in Armenia. The majority of plastic waste accumulate in landfills and are not recycled for further use. In Armenia there is still a tendency to pay more attention to profits than ecology. Fortunately, with the development of major supermarkets chains in our capital there is hope that for the benefit of business and health, there will be a chance to use eco-bags.

Eco bags: which is the advantage?

Eco bags do not harm the environment and break down within 3-4 years. They can serve for a long period and constant use will not change the funcionality or external view. Bags are durable and reliable, and in case of getting dirty they are easy to clean. One eco bag is used in the same period, in which dozens and even hundreds of plastic bags may be purchased and thrown away.

Which is the solution?

The solution is – to give up the use of plastic bags in favor of eco bags. Based on the European experience and taking into consideration its applicability in the local market, we have decided to start a new project – plastic storming and offer the society a range of new eco bags.

Eco bags.

Eco bags are more convinient, light and durable. They can be folded into a pocket size. It is weighing 65 g. and has up to 20 kg. capacity. You can be sure that they’ll successfully pass a strength test J The variety of colors and the fashionable style will make it suitable for use not not only women but also for men.

Eco string / maybe bags

The string (perhaps) bag is a bright representative of the Soviet era. These economic and market bags have been used for going to the store. At that time when almost everything was a deficit ( the"might be" principle) people take with them the "maybe-string bag". There was still a plastic bag during that period. The string bag or in other words ‘maybe bag’ can serve as a ‘Transporter’ for the purchased food. Modern design made it more stylish. Now the bright, multicolored string bag can serve as a necessary part of your outfit.

Garbage bags.

Garbage? Not a problem. Beauty and health in its place, the question is where to damp the garbage before throwing away? This is the aim of biodegradable garbage bags. If you use these begs, you’ll help preserve the environment and promote the development of the country.  

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