02 November 2016, 14:47
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Other Yerevan: Mapping Yerevan’s Alternative Urban Heritage

Other Yerevan is a virtual “museum” of cultural-architectural heritage sites in contemporary Yerevan. It helps discover and document historically and culturally significant urban sites, preserve sites and structures that are still standing and commemorate those that have been lost to rapid urban restructuring. Armenia has a rich cultural heritage dating back to antiquity, but the protection of its architectural heritage is very limited and many contemporary sites of importance have been endangered and/or demolished.

From the project website and Other Yerevan Android Mobile App the team aims at personalization of the project which can be used to explore the map while moving about the city, as well as to suggest locations for inclusion. Disclaimer: The Other Yerevan Project is a creative common good without licensing. All materials, including images uploaded by the Other Yerevan Project team, and users via the “Suggest a Location” tool, cannot be considered subject to copyright. The black and white images are archive images without copyright restrictions.The Project team offers free download of the maps as well as paid city tours in Armenian, English and Russian languages. The tours will enable Yerevan residents and guests to explore Yerevan in its unique historic layers.The map includes 6 different tour routes – Top of the Plan, A Walk in the Woods, Lalayants Street, Around Erivan, Ghantar Marketplace and Kond.

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