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"Yell Extreme park" in Yenokavan, Armenia

On 22nd of July mass media representatives spent an amazing and unforgettable adventurous hot summer day in the dense and cool forest in "Yell Extreme Park" rest area in Yenokavan community in Tavush region of the RA. Mass media representatives were given this opportunity due to the initiative of the unique extreme project “Yell Extreme Park”.

During the extreme tour "Yell Extreme only for mass media" mass media representatives were able to personally use the adventurous opportunities and assess their fascination and efficiency based on their personal experience. Project authors answered journalists' questions and presented plans and prospects of the project in friendly atmosphere.

Speaking about goals of  “Yell Extreme Park” project the author and co-founder of the project Tigran Chibukhchyan noted,  ""Yell Extreme Park" is a vivid example of social entrepreneurship. Initially we wanted to develop a project within the framework of the concept of social enterprise, aimed at meeting needs of the the community, social and environmental changes.

The social objectives of our initiative are the following: creation of opportunities for adventure holidays, employment situation improvement, public life activation and balanced regional development.

Concerning the relief I would like to mention that in this regard we are lucky. From the standpoint of the extreme tourism Armenia has great potential and definitely this opportunity should be used. During a year of our activity we faced a number of difficulties, but we were able to overcome them, and now you see the results. We think that one of our greatest achievements is that today a resident of Yenokovan has an opportunity to do what he likes and lead an active life in his /her village.

During this tour journalists used all the opportunities offered by "Yell Extreme Park" project, and according to them the most extreme and unforgettable pleasure one can get from the zip line.

Tigran Chibukhchyan mentioned that the project was launched with the zip line, but now in "Yell Extreme Park" one can enjoy paragliding, rope-park, off-road, mountain biking, paintball and etc. All these extreme types of adventure holidays are coordinated by our professional team, which has an opportunity for regular trainings and exchange of experience due to the Mountain Tourism and Rock-Climbing Federation of Armenia and Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, as for the technological part, we are collaborating with our partners from France and Austria.

We have some ideas concerning new projects for the realization of which we need serious investments. We will be happy to work with new partners and we are open to any kind of cooperation.

Tigran Chibukhchyan also added, that on the 6th of August an event will be held dedicated to the first anniversary of "Yell Extreme Park" project. During the event an announcement will be made about a new project.

The goal of "Yell Extreme only for mass media"  extreme tour was to acquaint mass media representatives with the adventure and extreme tourism peculiarities in Armenia, to present opportunities of the unique extreme zone, promote transformation of ideas about extreme sports, healthy lifestyle, organization of community life in public understanding, support creation of relevant platforms for cooperation between mass media representatives and "Yell Extreme Park" project.

"Yell Extreme Park" project was founded in 2015 in Yenokavan community of Tavush region of the RA, which is considered to be the most relevant zone for its climatic conditions, geographical position and relief features.

The goal of the project is to develop adventure and extreme tourism in Armenia, to become a great center of extreme tourism in the region, to create new jobs in the border areas, to activate public life and promote healthy lifestyle.

Lovers of adventure holidays already have an opportunity to have a wonderful time in "Yell Extreme Park" choosing the following types of extreme sport and adventure holidays: Zip Line, Paragliding, Rope Park, Off-road, Mountain Biking, Paintball, Horseback Riding, intellectual and logic games (Rest Area/ Board Games).

ZipLine. The first one in "Yell Extreme Park" is "Zip line", which enables extreme sport lovers to get from one place to another with the help of the cable and their own power of gravity. "Yell Extreme Park" offers 5 lines, the length of each is 135m, 200m, 268m, 375 m and 750m, the height is 200-300m. The flight from the all lines together takes approximately 1.5 hour. A flight lasts from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. A 15-minute training on safety rules is held before the flight. In order to move from one line to another one should walk 5-20 minutes.

Paragliding is a flight from a height, which lasts 30 minutes depending on weather conditions.  Flights are carried out with the specialist.

Rope Park includes diverse trials on trees. One should keep ones balance on the ropes, pass bridges and overcome other barriers. Besides there are also other means for moving from one tree to another, these are short zip lines. The total area of the Rope Park is 3000m2.

Off-road is a type of adventure holiday, which includes overcoming various obstacles, difficulties and barriers in off-road vehicles; this is a driving on bumpy roads, made of materials such as sand, riverbeds, rocks and mud.

Mountain Biking is an off-road cycling, especially on mountain trails. This type of sport, unlike urban cycling, is rather difficult.

Paintball is a team game, during which participants use markers, shoot each other with paintballs, which break upon impact. Participants wear special form designed for paintball.

Horseback Riding can last from 20 minutes up to 7 days and it's conducted in nearby fields and forests, and participants usually spend nights in tents (in case of tours lasting a few days).

Rest Area/ Board Games is an area, where one can play such interesting games as "In other way", "Monopoly", chess and etc. 

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