23 April 2016, 11:05
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George Clooney visits Tumo center after landing in Yerevan

An American actor, selection committee member for the Aurora prize George Clooney visits Tumo center after landing in Yerevan. As the Center Facebook page reports, Clooney accompanied by the co-founder of 100 lives initiative Ruben Vardanyan as well as Tumo founders Sam and Sylva Simonian, took a tour of the center, listened to a music session and took a few selfies with the students.

Being known for his humanitarian initiatives, George Clooney is expected to announce the winner of Aurora prize to be held on April 24 in Yerevan. The Aurora Prize Laureate will be honored with a US $100,000 grant. In addition, that individual will have the unique opportunity to continue the cycle of giving by nominating organizations that inspired their work to receive a US $1,000,000 award.

Tumo is a new kind of after-school learning environment where thousands of students aged 12-18 are in charge of their own learning.



Source: panorama.am

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