08 January 2016, 15:15
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Eternal Alphabet: GIM - Գ (գիմ)

The numerical value of letter “gim” is 3. Three is a total and perfect number, the symbol of the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Գ also symbolizes the third day of creation of the world. There are numerous samples of ornamented initials in medieval Armenian manuscripts.


Various assumptions exist as to the origin of the graphic form of letter Գ. According to one version, its prototype was the Greek letter gamma. Not its classic form – (Г), but one of the earlier variants, the inscription of which was similar to the cross (+). Գ stands for a velar consonant (a sound articulated with the back part of the tongue). In the Eastern Armenian language, in the middle and at the end of words, letter Գ is sometimes muffled and transformed into unvoiced aspirate ք [kh]. For instance, կարգ ([karkh] – order). In the Western Armenian language, Գ is muffled in all positions (գիշեր [khisher] – night).

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