The Guardian about Armenia's school pupil engineers

Government programme aims to put robotics clubs in every school by 2019 to encourage new generation of designers. invention, information technology,

05/09/2016, 13:01

Any plans for spring 2016 in Armenia?

From IT, innovative, technological events like “Armrobotics” to tasty “Uduli”dolma festival, from “Aurora prize for awakening humanity”to “Nobel days in Yerevan” this spring will be filled with a great variety of events for people of every taste, education and interest.

11/03/2016, 19:08

1A's HIKEArmenia Campaign Connects the Dots in Armenia's Hiking Industry

In the Spring of 2015, ONEArmenia (1A), a non-profit organization focused on stimulating positive social and economic change in Armenia, created a guide that helped thousands of people--both tourists and locals--get Inside Yerevan. Now, as their upcoming/current campaign reveals, the organization demonstrates that it’s ready to get outside.

30/09/2015, 17:11

An Interview with COAF's Garo Armen About 'Smart' Center in Lori

COAF's founder, Garo Armen describes to ImYerevan his motivations and expectations for this major structural expansion to Lori.

26/07/2015, 12:28

COAF's Next 'Smart' Move in Lori

COAF is building a new state-of-the-art technology hub in Lori Marz of Armenia. This article describes what the building will entail and what it could mean for the future of Armenia's rural regions.

26/07/2015, 11:40

How to Open the Doors of the Armenian tourism

A group of young Armenians found a way to introduce Armenia to tourists through a new, innovative platform.

25/05/2015, 16:10

Interview with Vahan Chakarian, ArmTab Techologies recently held this interview with ArmTab founder and entrepreneur, Vahan Chakarian, to learn the story of the first Android tablets that will be assembled in Armenia.

03/12/2014, 17:35