Armenian Boy Becomes The Youngest-ever American Chess Grandmaster

13-year-old Sam Sevian completed the final requirement to earn the title of Grandmaster, the highest title a chess player can attain.

23/08/2016, 13:44

World Pull-up Day in Armenia

The World Pull-up Day was celebrated in Yerevan on Liberty square. Everyone was able to contribute to the pull-ups score of Armenia.

16/09/2015, 15:13

Kazar Hakobyan: a Story of Repatriation

Kazar Hakobyan repatriated fro Moscow to Armenia in 2014 and established here Street Workout Armenia Federation.

22/05/2015, 13:33

Urban Blades

All great love stories start with a moment – a single glance, the first interaction. For Greg Mirzoyan, it all began shortly after he learned to walk.

2,500,000 Views: Armenian Street Athlete Surprised the World

Armenian athlete Serge Tevosyan from the federation Street Workout in Armenia scored a record number of video views.

18/03/2015, 22:38

The Future of Fitness in Armenia: Workout Gurus Educate Youth

The young men who are organizing and leading the movement Street Workout Armenia recently made a visit to Vardashen’s Special School Number 1. These workout gurus led a few classes in the school’s gym, demonstrating the benefits of a practicing a healthy lifestyle and a daily fitness routine.

17/11/2014, 13:12

Made in China

The words, “made in China,” are encountered every day by nearly everyone who buys manufactured products on Earth. It is difficult to find a toy or shoe or machine that is not, at least partially, “made in China.” And now the Olympic Medals…

07/08/2013, 14:47

The Ultimate Fights of Modern Day Gladiators

Three Armenian athletes competed in the one of the most watched televised sporting events of the year the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Mixed Martial Arts discipline. Their hope - to write a new page in the relatively short history of UFC - an Armenian page.

29/07/2013, 18:12

On Top of the World

Once Karo Ovasapian took the Armenian flag in the Consulate General of the Armenian Republic in Los Angeles and promised to set it on the tallest peaks of each of the seven continents, as well as on the North and South Poles.

The Pan-Armenian Chronicles

Yerevan welcomed Armenian athletes from all over the world. The recent Pan-Armenian Games were distinguished by the great number of participants – almost two thousand athletes, representing 96 cities in more than 20 countries, competing in 10 sports.