25 May 2014, 15:39
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NCAA certifies Navasartian Games

Already the largest amateur athletic tournament in the state of California, the Navasartian Games just received a massive boost from non-other than the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Known as the nation's college sports authority, the NCAA issued Homenetmen certification allowing athletes that play college sports under its umbrella to participate in the 39th Navasartian Games. This would allow Armenian athletes that play Division 1 College sports the right to participate in this year's Navasartian Games, hence, raising the standard of the competition in the games.

Homenetmen Western US Regional Athletic Council Program Coordinator, Sevag Garabetian, stressed the importance of this landmark achievement by saying, "It's a proud moment!"

"This pretty much elevates the level of competition and heightens the expectations at this year's Navasartian Games, and it definitely accentuates the many positives that this tournament has had for the past 39 years," added Garebetian.

Homenetmen Western US Regional Executive Chairperson, Garnik Abrahamian, proudly stated, "This confirms what we've always known about the games. That a venerable organization like Homenetmen possesses the innate ability to put together a tournament like the Navasartian Games, is something that was always bound happen, and for it to scale new heights and be recognized in a way it was always destined to."

"This is a massive public relations boost for Homenetmen and its centerpiece event, the Navasartian Games. I never had any doubt that this day would come," said the Navasartian Organizing Committee's public relations director, Aram Chobanian,

"This raises the bar!" said the 33rd. Honorary President of the games and Navasartian Organizing Committee Member, Vahagn Thomasian.

The NCAA's certification of the Navasartian Games comes at a time when the tournament officially began its games last Saturday at Birmingham High School. With 220 teams destined to partake in this year's tournament, basketball was the first sport that was scheduled to start the games officially. The other sports competitions will follow suit in the coming weeks and as we get deeper into the tournament.

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