08 May 2014, 01:56
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'Armenian Affairs' available on Amazon

Eileen Keledjian's novel "Armenian Affairs" has been published through Amazon's Createspace platform.

"It's my love story with the King of Armenian Love Songs," Keledjian said.

Here is how the book is premised:

"Eileen is a beautiful Armenian girl who at the age of eighteen emigrates from Egypt to Los Angeles, California and encounters the King of Armenian love songs, Paul Baghdadlian. It is love at first sight. They fall madly in love, but their unconditional love story is short lived when unexpectedly Paul Baghdadlian’s family orchestrates an arranged marriage for him. Heartbroken, Paul Baghdadlian attempts to reunite with Eileen, to no avail. Years later, when Eileen joyfully locates Paul once again, they both realize their passionate love has not subsided and decide to resume their flammable love story -- but yet again, their dream ends tragically. “Armenian Affairs, Paul Baghdadlian, and his Eileen,” chronicles the rollercoaster ride of joy and torment the two star-crossed lovers experience as they navigate their lives and careers."

“Armenian Affairs” is also available for sale at Kindle.com, in Hollywood, California, at Parseghian Photo & Records, and in Glendale California, at Artisia, Berj Bookstore, Abril Bookstore and Sardarabad Bookstore.

To promote the book, Keledjian has started an international marketing campaign. Proceeds from the sale will be used to create the film “Armenian Affairs.”

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