02 May 2014, 22:51
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The Sosé and Allen Legacy Concert

The Sosé and Allen Legacy Foundation has announced that it will be hosting a concert on May 4 at 6 p.m. at the Alex Theatre in Glendale to pay tribute to the newlyweds, Sosé Thomassian and Allen Yekikian, on the eve of the first anniversary of their passing. The event, featuring various beloved singers of the community and a commemorative program dedicated to the couple, is aimed to raise funds for the renovation of the youth center in Armenia’s Proshyan village.

The named youth center has been hosting the AYF’s Youth Corps Program, a summer camp which serves hundreds of children from low-income families by engaging them in various educational and athletic activities.  Sosé and Allen were instrumental in the shaping and the expansion of the program, which was established following the 1994 Artsakh ceasefire and now operates in five different locations across Armenia and Artsakh. 

The center in the Proshyan village provides the facilities – the classrooms, bedrooms, and space for the physical activities – for the children participating the Youth Corps program. It is located in an old, Soviet-era building, which has been in desperate need of renovation for many years. Construction projects have begun about six months ago, but more resources are necessary to complete the work and turn the center into a modern and safe facility for our kids.

“Funding programs like Youth Corps and supporting the work that it does in Armenia is a great way to honor the memories of Sosé and Allen,” says Vaché Thomassian, Sosé’s brother and the Foundation’s Executive Director. “They dedicated many years to that program and believed in its goal – shaping a new generation of Armenians with deep sense of civic duty and responsibility for our Homeland.”

The fundraiser-concert will include an impressive array of singers and performers such as Harout Pamboukjian, the Element Band, and Sebu Simonian from Capital Cities. There will also be a tribute program dedicated to Sosé and Allen, featuring presentations about their lives, work, and involvement in the Armenian Cause. 

The  Sosé and Allen Legacy Foundation calls upon the community to show their support for this initiative by attending the concert and considering a donation to the Foundation. Donations for the renovation of the Proshyan community center can be mailed directly to the Sosé and Allen Legacy Foundation.

The Sosé and Allen Legacy Foundation will continue Sosé and Allen’s vision by establishing programs and supporting existing programs aimed at bridging the gap between Armenia and its Diaspora, through an emphasis on education, repatriation, and volunteerism within the homeland.

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