01 February 2014, 22:10
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Ameria's Gift of Life to Children and ABMDR

The secret of success is giving, especially when you are giving the gift of life to children. Ameria Group of Companies takes pride in helping sick children for four years now through its charity auctions and donations. In 2013, Ameria Group of Companies in Armenia raised more than $70,000 through its "Vine is life" wine tasting auction. At the end of the auction Ameria matched the funds, and overall $150, 000 were allocated to the treatment of 15 Armenian children, registered at "Donate life," "Help Armenian Children," "Child No Pain" foundations and "Echo" NGO. The auction presented vintage spirits, and attracted world-class spirit producers, some of which arrived in Armenia specifically to be a part of the auction of the biblical drink symbolizing vitality and life.

Ameria Group's LA office Ameria Group Inc. also joined Ameria's tradition of holiday contribution. Instead of having a corporate New Year reception, Ameria Group Inc. in Los Angeles donated $ 6,500 to the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR) to help find donors and save the lives of Armenian children worldwide in 2014.

Dr. Jordan in her meeting with Ameria Group's LA team spoke about Bone Marrow's important mission of finding a match donor for any patient in the world, Armenian or non-Armenian, suffering from leukemia. For these patients having a bone marrow stem cell transplant is the last hope for survival.

While accepting the donation Dr. Frieda Jordan, the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry President and co-founder said: "What a nice surprise. We need such contributions to enrich our registry. Finding a donor is the last chance, the last hope of life for patients who otherwise wouldn't survive the severe disease of leukemia."

Rafi Manoukian, Ameria Group's LA office CEO, highlighted: "Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry is serving people in an honest and trustworthy way. Ameria has had the honor of helping children for years now. Continuing the tradition, we are pleased to contribute the funds that were to be used for Ameria's Christmas/New Year event in Glendale, to the Armenian Bone Marrow Registry to help find donors for the treatment of Armenian children worldwide."

Ameria Group of Companies has set a benchmark of business success and corporate social responsibility in Armenia. Ameria continues to attract foreign investments into the country with its financial and advisory services. Ameria Group is renowned in for Ameriabank, Ameria Management & Legal Advisory Services, Prodeco Property Development Company in Armenia and Ameria Group Inc. in Los Angeles. Ameria Group's LA office is a one-stop resource for potential investors interested in Armenia's emerging market, providing full-fledged advisory services be it for their legal, management, research or financial needs of investors in Armenia.

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